Entrepreneurs back in business

May 17th, 2016
After years of decline, the interest in starting up new businesses is on the return in Denmark. In 2015, the number of new companies registered passed 80.000 against 67.000 in 2013. An indication that entrepreneurship spirit and risk-taking willingness is back.

In late April, we kicked off our focus on entrepreneurship at the MBO conference in Aalborg. One of the most important take-homes was that there is no cast-in-stone recipe for a successful start-up. Successful start-ups is more a mix of energy, determination, clever ideas, self-esteem - and added a little luck and help from your friends and networks.

As we need to ensure a prosperous, innovative and strong Blue Denmark also in the future, we need entrepreneurs in in our business. We need them in technical areas as well as in service-oriented areas. We need entrepreneurs from within our industry - as well as entrepreneurs from other areas bringing in new ideas and technologies to the blue area in order to boost innovation.

As a cluster organization, we will be the hotbed for startups in Blue Denmark. We invite Universities, public organizations, angels, consultants, blue-companies, entrepreneurs - and aspiring entrepreneurs to join us in this effort.

/Mikkel Hansen, CEO  



Would you like to learn more about entrepreneurship from an experienced player in the field, check this video out: