Summer Edition 🌧

July 6th, 2016
Summer has closed in on us, even though not very summer like unless you have escaped to more southern latitudes.
It has not been a quiet year so far in our industry, disruption (not to be mistaken for distortion) has come on everybody's lips, as well as resilience, 3D, automation. So we can - after returning fully energised from the vacation - look forward to an interesting fall. Many topics are on the horizon of the fall season: what will the effects of Brexit (if it happens) be? What events should I choose to attend on Danish Maritime Days? Will 3D print marginalise all shipping? - and many other existential questions.
At a more down to earth level - EMUC has established most of the steering groups for our professional fora. And several of the groups have already gathered and a second to none fall program is taking shape.
If you can't wait for this and need a conference in your calendar already today - why not sign up to MSSM right now? It’s in late August, it will give you eye openers on how to become a more resilient person whether your daily challenges are handling heavy anchors on the deck of an offshore vessel or if it is closing deals in the chartering department.
See you all in August - and I really mean 'see you' - because our newsletter will then be all in a video.

Mikkel Hansen, July 6th 2016