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Innovation Camp in South Korea

The destination is set for South Korea when an Innovation Camp is staged as part of a Danish business delegation headed by the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen. The InnovationCamp has the goal to develop new concepts for use on the Maritime Connectivity Platform as part of the EfficienSea 2 project. The InnovationCamp is a platform where Danish and South Korean companies can meet with the aim of finding solutions to the Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) and establish new business connections between the two countries.

The MCP (formerly known as the Maritime Cloud) is a communication framework enabling efficient, secure, reliable and seamless electronic information exchange between all authorized maritime stakeholders across available communication systems.

Read all about the MCP here

The InnovatioCamp is organized in collaboration with Maritime Development Center, Danish Maritime Authorities, Innovation Centre Denmark in South Korea and Danish Marine Group.

Are you up for a trip to the far east?  Maybe with a peak to the Winter Olympics as a 2nd agenda? Then let us know and contact Mikkel Hansen. Find his information below

Mikkel Hansen, CEO, MDC
Phone: +45 22 61 94 48

Companies which are not partners in the EfficienSea2 project will be charged a fee upon participation. Read more here
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