The maritime sector is rapidly changing. We are on the eve of the deployment of new digital business models, such as communication systems, sensor technology, robots and autonomous systems. The seafarer is central for this transition. On the one hand, there are strict requirements for training and certification from both customers and authorities, including the qualifications and training requirements of the STCW Convention which makes masters, engineers, officers and officer in charge of personnel on seagoing merchant ships. Or customer requirements from eg. Shippers of oil products. On the other hand, we have the technical development, which calls for new competencies and skills. 

The workshop will give bids on the competency requirements for the future seafarers, whether they find themselves onboard the ships or perhaps remotely monitoring from land. 

 Input from the workshop is being presented and documented with graphic recording. 

Input from the workshop is being presented and documented with graphic recording. 

MDC invited 10-15 professionals with insight into management, business, education and technology. The participants were presented for a range of potential future scenarios, and based on this inspired to make bids on the competencies that are needed in order to future-proof Danish shipping. The workshops basic ideas was developed in collaboration between Maritime Development Center and Søfartsstyrelsen. 

The workshop was conducted on January 24th 2018 in Svendborg. 


Output from the workshop is currently being adapted and developed into a summary which will be available for all interested. Publication will happen on this page and announced in our newsletter.




The project was funded by The Danish Maritime Fund