Maritime Communication Forum

What's a company without a creative communication department?

You cannot tell the world about your great products and services if you dont know how to communicate to people. And you cannot manage, motivate, and guide your workplace without knowing one or two things about written and oral communication. So what do we do when time is scarce and communications medias and channels are ever-changing? 

Our highly experienced 'Maritime Communication Forum' Steering Committee' will in 2016/2017 deep dive into relevant and current communication topics, such as the never-ending story of LEAN processes in communication, the opportunities and challenges of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube, Communication in times of Crisis, video production, and the list goes on. 

So be prepared for some top notch communication events that will provide you with solid tools for your communication tool box!

We are looking forward to presenting you with a long list of exciting speakers, valuable insight, hands-on mini courses, and inspiration in order to let communication contribute to the bottom line!

Want to stay informed? Join our 'Maritime Communication Forum' LinkedIn group where we will share valuable ideas with each other, so feel free to add in. 

Topics of the 2016/2017 seasons of Maritime Communication Forum:

  • Få styr på kriseplanen før det er for sent! (Crisis Management before it's too late)
  • How to engage your members
  • THE COMMUNICATION TOOL BOX – from homing pigeon to SnapChat. An overview of ALL communication channels, you can use (maybe not all, but the most important ones). Introductions to, pros and cons of each channel. How can you communicate effectively? And how do you produce exciting and relevant content in a company with few communication resources?
    Have you ever heard about this Danish expression that most likely was invented in the maritime industry? Is it really true, that if you just keep quiet you'll have success? Communications experts say: ‘Let it all out’, but the industry is still reluctant to share content with others. Why is this so and how do we change existing dogma?

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