Professional health and safety services designed to your needs

CONOVAH provides tools, knowledge and consultancy services globally regarding occupational health and safety to support the maritime industry and other areas of transport.

We provide assistance tailored to the needs of your company and the individual employee. We can help you manage and implement workplace health and safety. We are open to all flags, maritime suppliers and transport companies.


·        Health and Safety Solutions

·        Global Psychological Crisis Assistance 24/7/365

·        Organizational development and leadership courses

·        EU Data Protection Implementation (GDPR)

·        Stress Management and stress courses

·        Psychological First Aid courses

·        Coaching / Mentoring

We have an experienced team of psychologists and experts that are familiar with the challenges on board ship and in other areas of transport.


Connie S. Gehrt, Managing Director

Port of Horsens

horsens havn logo.png

Port of Horsens has in recent years specialized in supporting the local business community. The goods arriving at the port is either used or produced within 20 km of the harbour, whether it is wood chips for Horsens Heating, bulk or packaged goods. 

Thus the Port of Horsens is local, focussed and reduce road transport.

Claus Hom Christensen, Port Director

Port of Kolding

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The Port of Kolding is among the 10 biggest ports of Denmark, with at total handling by ships in 2006 of 1.185 million tons.

The Port is an industrial- and traffic port, with more than 80 companies and 1,200 employees.

The Port of Kolding has all modern facilities and handles most kinds of goods as well as areas for companies wanting to settle at the harbourside with the following advantages:

  • railroad track with a direct connection to the international transport net
  • the highway leading directly to the port
  • warehouses, silos etc. for storing wood, iron, paper, feedstuff, fertilizer, bitumen, cement, mixed cargo etc.
  • connection to the dsb rail terminal
  • good ways of co-operation in an active transport environment
  • ro/ro facilities
  • storing facilities for bulk goods
  • Cruise ship reception facility
  • expert handling knowledge of wind turbines
  • a wide range of modern handling equipment

Anders Vangsbjerg Sørensen, CEO




Independent Engine and IT system consulting and services.

Engine consulting using the concept “Proactive Engine Care” based on more than 35 years of experience with hands on and supervision e.g. on various diesel and gasoline engines of different makes. Engine examinations are done with electronic indicator combined with sound, thermal and vibration diagnostics e.g. and customer receives a status report via agreed media or presentation. Accident and havoc examinations can be performed, documentation with picture, video and optical devices as needed/requested by class.

IT consulting based on more than 10 years’ hands on experience as DBA, system administrator and systems specialist in smaller companies and up to the biggest beverage companies. Areas of responsibility covered hard and software selection/recommendation including database system and Datawarehouse designing. Evaluation of different hard and software solutions, data migration solution design between various hard and software platforms like DB2 to ORACLE to SAP on UNIX/Linux based platforms.

Smart IT is not about BIG DATA – Smart IT is about WHAT DATA.

Arne Havgaard, Ship´s engineer and IT consultant



Rosenby Engineering ApS


Rosenby Engineering develops smart solutions for modern shipping.

With roots in the founders maritime careers several areas have been discovered to be in a need for new improved technical hardware. We use our innovative approach to close that gap between the existing technology and our ideas for the future.

Julius Skjoldby, Administration, Customer Relations, Network


Korsør Havn (Port of Korsoer)

Port of Korsoer is the commercial harbour of Slagelse Municipality - centrally placed in the heart of Denmark.

Port of Korsoer is home for a number of companies, who use the benefits of the centralised infra-structure with direct connection to the European motorway and railway network. Port of Korsoer is easy to find – and easy to sail into with the Great Belt Bridge placed just beside the shipping lane into Korsoer Harbour.

Port of Korsoer can offer all the facilities which are characteristic of an effective commercial harbour.

Port of Korsoer is a market-oriented harbour that continuously upgrades the services according to the needs of the customers. The Harbour is constantly developing and improving the facilities, traffic conditions and services. Slagelse Municipality also owns a number of other harbours. Skaelskoer Harbour, Vasebro, Agersoe, and Omoe harbours, Stigsnaes ferry harbour, as well as the old Halskov ferry harbour. The harbours at Agersoe and Omoe consist of ferry harbours, fishing harbours and sailing harbours.



The harbour areas in Port of Korsoer are about 12.8 ha. The length of the quay is 1200 m plus about 350 m at the old station. The depth of water is 8 m at the America Quay and the Cruise Ship Quay and 7 m at the other quays.

The buildnings at the harbour are of very different proportions and values. Typically the companies are situated on leased area. The wharfs of the harbour is generally in good shape. The harbour owns warehouses with a total area of about 7000 square metres. We can offer areas for different purposes, space in up-dated warehouses and 2 RoRo berths.


Jimmi Jørgensen, Harbour Director




Ultragas ApS has assumed responsibility for the full commercial and technical operation of the fleet, which is fully owned by the Ultranav group. Technical management of the fleet is handled by own in-house Technical Management under the name of UltraShip. Commercial management is handled partly by own in-house organization which operate 9 semi-ref handy-size vessels, and partly in cooperation with partners through the associated company Unigas International which operates a fleet of total 39 gas tankers, 12 of which are provided by Ultragas ApS

Sidsel Bromose, Director

Port of Elsinore (Helsingør Havn)


Havnen er en kommunal selvstyre havn for skibe på mindst 10 m i længde.

Med mere end 500 m samlet kajlængde og fire flydebroer plus en 90 m lang flydebro kan havnen servicere de fleste typer af skibe.

Største kaj er str. 3 også kaldet Kongekajen, som kan modtage skibe op til 150 m i længde med max dybgang 6,5 m.

Som gæst i Helsingør Havn får du det hele. En kompakt bykerne med små gamle krogede gader og seværdigheder i verdensklasse.

Jesper Schrøder, Port Director

Marcura Nordics ApS


The Marcura Group provides the maritime industry with specialized desk support services and Web-based platforms for port cost management, fixture documentation, voyage optimization, structured procurement, payment processing and decision support.

Marcura has earned the trust of its customers by delivering always-on, cost-effective business utilities whose value propositions are underpinned by principles of user-centered design, transparency, compliance and independence.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • DA-Desk
  • PortsDirect
  • PortPayables
  • CP-Desk
  • MarDocs
  • Laytime-Desk
  • Manifest-Desk
  • MarTrust
  • PortLog

Kim Ahler, Managing Director

Ab Ovo Nordic ApS

Ab Ovo Nordic is the fully owned subsidiary of Ab Ovo International in Rotterdam. Ab Ovo is an innovative business and software solutions provider for a broad range of logistic processes. We specializes in the fields of logistics consultancy and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) to deliver solutions for the operational needs of companies in the logistical and transport sectors. Our offer include ERP solutions for the rail sector (available as SaaS) and advanced planning and scheduling solutions, as well as supply analysis and optimization.

Since our founding in 1997, we have established ourselves as a leading knowledge and solution partner for customers active in the domain of rail, maritime, public transport, aviation ground services and logistics industry and we have offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Boston and Shanghai. Within those core markets, we are a leader in the domain of digitalization and advanced planning and scheduling. All solutions are tailor-made to comply with customer needs based on modules of standardized industry solutions. These solutions are developed and delivered based on our experience in our core markets. 20 years of experience and an agile way of working allows us to implement customer specific solutions in a shorter time span than current industry average.

Håkan Franzén, Managing Director

Wrist Ship Supply

Wrist Ship Supply is the world’s leading ship and offshore supplier of provisions and stores with a market share in excess of 7%. Wrist offers a global 24/7 service, including handling of owners’ goods, shipping, air freight and related marine services that meet the demands of international organisations as well as local businesses.

From offices around the globe, all Wrist staff take pride in making it easy for customers to receive their supplies – where and when requested – efficiently and at the best possible price.

Our mission is to provide expert care to each ship and offshore location.

Søren Jørgensen, Executive Vice President, CCO


MSLGROUP is one of the Nordic region’s leading strategic communications advisory firms with more than 200 consultants working in and out of our offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Brussels and Copenhagen. We are engaged with companies including the maritime, the financial, the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. 

MSLGROUP Denmark counts 20+ consultants specialized in strategic communication, PR, PA, reputation, events, and social media - and most of all integrating it all.

MSLGROUP is Publicis Groupe’s strategic communication and engagement group and advisor in all aspects of communication strategy: from consumer PR to financial communication, from public affairs to reputation management and from crisis communication to event management. 

MSLGROUP was recently named by the Holmes Report as “Best Corporate Consultancy in the World”.

Kim Ege Møller, Manager

Green Ship of the Future

Green Ship of the Future is a public private partnership for innovation and demonstration of technologies and methods that makes shipping more environmentally friendly. Through collaborative innovation, forces are joined to explore, develop and demonstrate ambitious green solutions for the shipping industry and for shipping. The core activity of GSF is the development of environmental and energy efficiency projects in relation to ships and the shipping industry.


Anne Katrine Bjerregaard, Project Manager





Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes travel to Finland. Finpro is a public organization consisting of Export Finland, Visit Finland and Invest in Finland. Our 240 professionals work in 37 offices in 31 countries abroad and 6 offices in Finland. Finpro is part of the Team Finland network.

Karen Høgholen, Junior Advisor

Skandinavisk Transport Center - Køge Havn

Skandinavisk Transport Center in Køge is one of Denmarks biggest joined business- and transport areas. The transport center has within recent years grown from 130 ha (1.300.000 m2) to 180 ha (1.800.000 m2), and should it become necessary we have the possibility to expand even more. The combination of the highway, rail road, port and optimal facilities and conditions for businesses have created a dynamic transport center with a lot of big companies like Netto, Lidl and Lemvig-Müller.

We are one of Denmarks biggest transport centers – and in the future we will grow even bigger. We are expanding and offer newly developed plots from 20.000 m2 to all companies with a need for transportation and (almost) limitless space.

Thomas Elm Kampmann, CEO


Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (Institut for Fremtidsforskning)


Contributing with knowledge and inspiration, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies supports decision-making. We identify and analyse trends that influence the future nationally and internationally. Through research, analyses, seminars, presentations, reports, and newsletters, we give advice on the future.

The objective of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is to strengthen the basis for decision-making in public and private organisations by creating awareness of the future and highlighting its importance to the present.

Our work methods range from statistically based analysis and the identification of global trends, to more subjective emotional factors of importance to the future.

The work of the Institute is interdisciplinary. The staff represents various fields of academic and professional backgrounds such as economics, political science, ethnography, psychology, engineering, PR and sociology.

Sysser Ærtebjerg, Senior Executive, Head of Memberships

The Danish Institute of Arbitration

The Danish Institute of Arbitration (Voldgiftsinstituttet) is a non-profit private Foundation and founded in 1981

The object of the Danish Institute of Arbitration is to promote arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration Procedure laid down by its Council through arbitral tribunals appointed by the Danish Institute of Arbitration on a case-by-case basis. The Rules of Arbitration Procedure were most recently changed as of 1 May 2013.

The Danish Institute of Arbitration also offers mediation in accordance with the Rules of Procedure for Mediation laid down by the Council in 2015.

The Statutes and the various rules of procedure are available on this website. The Statutes exist in Danish, English. The Rules are available in Danish, English, German, French, Chinese and Russian. The website also contains recommendations regarding the wording of arbitration and mediation clauses as well as a calculator of arbitrator and mediator fees.

It will appear that all kinds of national and international disputes, regardless of nature, are within the remit of the arbitral tribunals appointed by the Danish Institute of Arbitration. There are no limitations in the range of subjects for which the Danish Institute of Arbitration appoints arbitral tribunals.

The Danish Institute of Arbitration is governed by a Council the members of which are appointed by a number of supporting organisations, for instance the Danish Shipowners' Association. The administration and day-to-day business of the Danish Institute of Arbitration are carried out by a Secretariat, which also handles the administration of cases until an arbitral tribunal has been appointed.

Steffen PihlbladSecretary-General