DBI - Dansk Brand- og Sikringsteknisk Institut

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At DBI, we are specialized in fire and security and work targeted to protect lives and properties. We offer a wide range of services within fire prevention, fire technology and security and aim to help our customers achieving the best safety solutions.

Carsten Møller, Business Development Maritime

Blue Technology

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Blue Technology has developed a new type of ship, which can operate zero emission and without the use of ballast water.

“ZEV Liberty” is a 198 meters trimeran, powered by the wind and solar energy. The main propulsion is delivered by two 110 meters wing-sails assisted by 4 electric driven azimuth propellers, and we have a payload capacity and performance that we expect to be competitive with the current fleet transporting light weight commodities.

We have set up at “Proof of Concept” study, that we expect to finish before the end of 2019, giving us some data on how much energy we can store when we have sufficient wind. We aim to have a full scale zero emission ships by 2024.

Brian Boserup, Owner and CEO

BLUE Consulting


BLUE Consulting support and facilitate maritime organisations and businesses with management consultancy services, primarily strategy development and execution, business development and analysis. It is all about optimising existing business and unlocking new business potentials.

Carsten Ellegaard, Managing Partner

Vento Maritime ApS


Vento Maritime ApS is a weather service company and was founded in January 2017 by Carsten N. Kofoed and Hans Christian Hansen. Together they have more than 20 years of experience in the maritime business within meteorology, oceanography and operational services. We are dedicated to helping maritime customers save fuel and time while improving safety at sea - and we only have focus on maritime customers.

Our marine forecasters are dedicated meteorologists with years of experience in understanding the needs of maritime customers. Our team is passionate about excellent customer service and the art of communicating meteorological and oceanographic uncertainties in order to provide timely, essential and accurate decision support to our customers.

Business sectors Vento Maritime serves include:
• Shipping
• Offshore Renewable Energy
• Offshore Oil and Gas
• Marine Transport
• Dredging

Hans Christian Hansen, Director of Operations



The organization was founded in 2011 and contains five divisions, three in Denmark, one in Great Britain and one in Poland.

We deliver our services world wide and cover, intelligence, physical security and cyber defence.

EAGLE SHARK’s professional operators come from diverse, highly specialised backgrounds

“A safe working environment ensures productivity”

Codex: Discretion, quick response, highest level of tactical planning and execution.

Christian Spohr, Managing Director & Co-Founder

Kanda ApS

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Kanda was founded in 2011 as an interactive consulting agency.
From the very beginning, the mission has always been to help people through technology. Initially the focus has been on solving problems through gamification and app development. Recently, the huge potential in Virtual and Augmented Reality has caught our attention, and Kanda is now helping large organizations with data alignment and implementation. The rapid technological advancements have changed the business landscape in every industry. Consequently, Kanda assists in guiding companies through their digital transformation.

Kristian Emil Andreasen, Director


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Scoutbase is a startup on a mission to help the maritime and offshore industries to create resilient and safe work and production environments in the face of a complex and ever-changing world. 

Based on contemporary safety science, we are developing an engaging human-centered IT-based tool that makes it easy for organizations to acquire, share and apply relevant knowledge from the field of operations. To create the best-informed solutions to the organization's safety-related challenges and to better identify and assess risk, dynamically. Scoutbase allows for employee involvement in safety development at an entirely new level and invites safety management to work more data-driven and process-supportive. Big data about contextual conditions that shape work are collected systematically and continuously and presented close to real-time. The collection takes place intuitively and easily so that a minimum amount of time is consumed and the data representation quantifies and qualifies the issues and supports a targeted, in-depth, problem understanding and solution process.

Mads Ragnvald Nielsen, Co-Founder & CEO

4C Strategies

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4C Strategies is a leading international provider of software solutions and consulting services in the areas of Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Incident and Crisis Management, Exercise Management as well as Audit and Compliance Management. Our tools and services are based on internationally recognized methods and standards and are tailored to the specific needs of each customer. As management consultants and suppliers of software systems, we provide our public and private sector clients with the skills, tools and End-to-End solutions enabling them to deliver their strategic and operational objectives.

4C Strategies is an innovative company and it has been the ambition to grow since the establishment in 2000. Today with offices in Washington D.C., London, Warminster, Stockholm, and Malmo.

With over 150 consultants and a global network of associated experts, we provide clients with solutions that support the building, verification, and tracking of all forms of Readiness capability.

Anne-Mette Petri, Business Development Manager

Port of Aarhus


The port of Aarhus is an active trade area with approx. 150 companies, creating the basis for about 10,000 jobs.

The port of Aarhus is Denmark’s largest container port, with a market share of approx. 60 per cent, and also Denmark’s largest public bulk port. This implies that a very large part of the consumer goods are imported to Denmark via the port of Aarhus. Also, a significant part of the Danish export is shipped via the fine-meshed network of shipping routes to all parts of the world.

In addition, the port of Aarhus is an important ferry port, serving around 800,000 cars and around 2 million passengers on an annual basis. The company Port of Aarhus has recently initiated the construction of a new office centre in five levels of approx. 13,000 sq m, situated at the container terminal area.

Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen, CEO

JHN Consult


JHN Consult is a one-man consultancy business established to assist solution and service providers within the maritime industry in improving their sales and marketing efforts.

The maritime industry is ever-changing, and most companies are operating in a global context, in challenging market conditions and with fierce competition from a wide range of companies.

With the overall aim of creating a foundation to operate efficiently in a global context JHN Consult assist companies in:

  • Establishing formal sales and marketing strategies
  • Identifying the unique competing space of their services and products
  • Setting up effective sales organizations
  • Working efficiently with dispersed sales teams and agent networks

Jesper Hvolby Nielsen has a Nautical background having sailed as a Captain on large container vessels and for the past 15 years he has been working in different commercial roles within shipping and the maritime industry. His practical experience is supplemented with an EMBA from Henley Business School in the U.K.

Jesper Hvolbøl Nielsen

World Marine Offshore


World Marine Offshore is a Danish offshore shipping company established in 2012 in the port of Esbjerg to meet the increasing demand for cost-effective, safe and efficient crew and cargo transfer vessels.

The Company was founded by 6 entrepreneurs with solid experience from Offshore shipping and management. The foundation of World Marine Offshore, was an innovative new type of CTV, where a patented “soft-bow”, an active gangway, is combined with the original Trimaran SWATH technology, to create a pioneering new type CTV. Today World Marine Offshore has a versatile fleet specialized in transferring crew and cargo to and from offshore installations.

World Marine Offshore offers a wide range of services in three main areas:

Offshore Logistic:

·      Offshore crew transfer

·      Offshore support

·      Offshore standby services

·      Ferry services

·      Surveys

·      Diving and ROV Operations

Subsea and diving services:

·      Bathymetrical and geophysical surveys

·      PLGR work

·      Inspections

·      Cleaning and anode replacement

·      In-water surveys by divers and or ROV’s

Maritime Management:

·      Project Management

·      Technical Management

·      HSEQ

·      Dry dock preparation and Supervision

·      Procurement and Port Logistic

·      Commercial Management

World Marine Offshore is operated from Denmark and Germany, but the focus is the entire world.  We currently operate in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

Customer satisfaction is our key motivation. We take great pride in providing a tailor-made solution to our customers, so that we end up with a cost-effective and safe solution, which both parties value and benefit from.

Jette Østergaard, Quality Manager



ABCON logo R.jpg

ABCON AS develops and produces Stop Leak additives for the merchant fleet around the world. They have two categories of additives for lube oil systems in stern tubes, thrusters, gearboxes or hydraulic systems. 

One is the popular Stop Leak additives. They stop leaks and keep the vessel sailing until next planned dry dock.

The second category is the +series which are the maintenance products that reduce wear and tear and reduce the risk of having leaks.

All the products are available in mineral oil and in bio version which ensures that the vessel continues to comply with the 2013 EPA VGP requirements as environmentally acceptable. The products can be shipped by air as they are non-dangerous goods. 

Lasse Christiansen Dyrbye, Marketing & Business Development Manager

Swire Blue Ocean

swire blue ocean.jpg

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Swire Blue Ocean (SBO) operates two highly efficient Windfarm Installation Vessels (WIVs), Pacific Orca and Pacific Osprey.

In addition to offshore wind farm installation, these vessels are very well suited for a wide range of maintenance, construction and decommissioning tasks.

With their 1,425T (Osprey) and 1,200T (Orca) crane, large clear deck area, working water depth of 60m and 2.5m Hs limit for jacking, these vessels are designed to meet both the current and future needs of the offshore industry.

Safety and reliability are two key points of focus in the WIVs design and aftermarket support. The WIVs are fitted with six legs to increase jacked stability and a high redundancy diesel electric power system to reduce risk of breakdown. By striving for excellence in safety, recruitment and training, vessel design, maintenance and management, SBO aim to provide a best in class service to our customers.

Mikkel Gleerup, CEO



Professional health and safety services designed to your needs

CONOVAH provides tools, knowledge and consultancy services globally regarding occupational health and safety to support the maritime industry and other areas of transport.

We provide assistance tailored to the needs of your company and the individual employee. We can help you manage and implement workplace health and safety. We are open to all flags, maritime suppliers and transport companies.


·        Health and Safety Solutions

·        Global Psychological Crisis Assistance 24/7/365

·        Organizational development and leadership courses

·        EU Data Protection Implementation (GDPR)

·        Stress Management and stress courses

·        Psychological First Aid courses

·        Coaching / Mentoring

We have an experienced team of psychologists and experts that are familiar with the challenges on board ship and in other areas of transport.


Connie S. Gehrt, Managing Director

Port of Horsens

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Port of Horsens has in recent years specialized in supporting the local business community. The goods arriving at the port is either used or produced within 20 km of the harbour, whether it is wood chips for Horsens Heating, bulk or packaged goods. 

Thus the Port of Horsens is local, focussed and reduce road transport.

Claus Hom Christensen, Port Director

Port of Kolding

Logo KH.jpg

The Port of Kolding is among the 10 biggest ports of Denmark, with at total handling by ships in 2006 of 1.185 million tons.

The Port is an industrial- and traffic port, with more than 80 companies and 1,200 employees.

The Port of Kolding has all modern facilities and handles most kinds of goods as well as areas for companies wanting to settle at the harbourside with the following advantages:

  • railroad track with a direct connection to the international transport net
  • the highway leading directly to the port
  • warehouses, silos etc. for storing wood, iron, paper, feedstuff, fertilizer, bitumen, cement, mixed cargo etc.
  • connection to the dsb rail terminal
  • good ways of co-operation in an active transport environment
  • ro/ro facilities
  • storing facilities for bulk goods
  • Cruise ship reception facility
  • expert handling knowledge of wind turbines
  • a wide range of modern handling equipment

Anders Vangsbjerg Sørensen, CEO




Independent Engine and IT system consulting and services.

Engine consulting using the concept “Proactive Engine Care” based on more than 35 years of experience with hands on and supervision e.g. on various diesel and gasoline engines of different makes. Engine examinations are done with electronic indicator combined with sound, thermal and vibration diagnostics e.g. and customer receives a status report via agreed media or presentation. Accident and havoc examinations can be performed, documentation with picture, video and optical devices as needed/requested by class.

IT consulting based on more than 10 years’ hands on experience as DBA, system administrator and systems specialist in smaller companies and up to the biggest beverage companies. Areas of responsibility covered hard and software selection/recommendation including database system and Datawarehouse designing. Evaluation of different hard and software solutions, data migration solution design between various hard and software platforms like DB2 to ORACLE to SAP on UNIX/Linux based platforms.

Smart IT is not about BIG DATA – Smart IT is about WHAT DATA.

Arne Havgaard, Ship´s engineer and IT consultant



Rosenby Engineering ApS


Rosenby Engineering develops smart solutions for modern shipping.

With roots in the founders maritime careers several areas have been discovered to be in a need for new improved technical hardware. We use our innovative approach to close that gap between the existing technology and our ideas for the future.

Julius Skjoldby, Administration, Customer Relations, Network