EMRI is a small Danish business established in 1972 and employs about 20 persons. It is committed to excellence in autopilots, steering control systems and maneuvering of ships.

  • Design and development in Denmark 
  • Production in Denmark 
  • Delivery from Denmark
  • Worldwide commissioning and service via our customers 

EMRI has a product portofolio consisting of:

  • Autopilots & Track Control Systems
  • Joystick / DP Systems, PC Systems
  • Steering Control System, PLC based
  • Rudder Indicator Systems
  • Subcontracted Items for Propeller Control
  • Custom designed Bridge Instrumentation
  • Bridge Control Components for OEM usa
  • Turbocharger Monitoring Instruments
  • Wind Indicator Systems
  • Docking Displays  

Claus Nørtoft Thomsen, Sales & Marketing Manager