Port of Esbjerg

Port of Esbjerg.PNG

The Port of Esbjerg is the international port on the westcoast of Denmark. The port is Denmark’s Ro/Ro port no. 1.

Situated on The west coast of Denmark the Port of Esbjerg is serving the oil and gas industry and offshore windfarm industry in the North Sea.

Experiencing very positive developments as a intermodal transport centre, the port of Esbjerg is an ideal alternative to road transport on Europes congested and expensive motorways.

The Port of Esbjerg is a dynamic hub for cargo shipped in Scandinavia and Continental Europe with weekly liner services to a large number of European countries.

The Port of Esbjerg is characterised by effective logistics and good co-operation between all parties involved.

The Port of Esbjerg is well prepared for future challenges – Come and see for your selves!

Jesper Bank, CCO