Rederiforeningen af 2010


The Shipowners’ Association of 2010 is an industry and employer association. Its aim is to bring together Danish companies with related interests in the operation of small and medium-sized ships as well as to:

  • protect its members' interests towards the public
  • protect its members' interests towards Danish and foreign authorities, including representing shipping in councils, boards, etc.
  • handle members' interests in all issues regarding employees and their organisations, including negotiating and entering into binding agreements on pay and contractual issues related to persons employed on the ships.

As a member of both the industry and employer association, the Shipowners' Association of 2010 may accommodate ships from any individual, part-shipping company, corporation or cooperation, that essentially operates or operate small and medium cargo and specialised ships. The vessels must all be registered in the Danish ship register and/or the Danish International Ship Register.

Other ships which are operated by companies in Denmark - including Greenland and the Faroe Islands - may be associated in the Association's trade organisation.

Currently, the Shipowners’ Association of 2010 has 206 ships as members of the industry and employer association and an additional five associated ships.

Members of the board:

  • Chairman: CEO Søren Nørgaard Thomsen, ESVAGT A/S 
  • Vice Chairman: Shipowner Boye Kromann, Rederiet Erik B. Kromann I/S 
  • Board Member: Shipowner Niels Højlund Hansen, Nordane Shipping A/S 
  • Board Member: Shipowner Jørgen Folmer, H. Folmer &Co 
  • Board Member: Shipowner Jonas Backman, Sirius Shipping ApS 
  • Board Member: Shipowner Lars Simonsen, Rederiet M.H. Simonsen ApS 

Jakob Ullegård, Director