SeaSolutions is a jointly owned Danish company headquartered and located in the city center of Copenhagen - but with four other offices located in India, Malaysia and Denmark as well.

From August 1st 2012 the Swedish company TISAB Transport Information Systems is a fully owned subsidiary of SeaSolutions ApS.

As a natural progression of the already existing, close cooperation during many years four like-minded, strong companies now together offers comprehensive IT related support to the global, maritime industry. In SeaSolutions a number of existing and new high value products and services come together - and an extensive and unique delivery capacity will be made available for existing and new customers.

From the worlds largest fleets - to ship owners with a single ship - the staff in SeaSolutions have supported customers with development of specialised and focused maritime products and services during many years. This development has taken place in a very close cooperation with our customers - and this close cooperation remain one of our strongest assets.

The products and services delivered so far have a very extensive knowledge - as well as many, many years of experience - as foundation. We take pride in knowing our core business areas well and use this as stepstones for further innovation and development of new, unique solutions - in close cooperation with our customers.

Dealing with ship related matters requires a variety of skills and experience. We have built these during many years - and appreciate that context, customer preferences, complex business essentials - as well as various technical issues - from time to time impose significant challenges. We are ready to meet these challenges together with our customers in a professionel, proactive and mutually trustful atmosphere.

Leif Nielsen, Managing Partner