provide business intelligence for the maritime sector. We provide access to large real-time data sets of information on ships and vessels both in Danish and international waters. The data can be questioned either through our own cloud portal or the data can be integrated into the customers own business flow, ensuring optimum business processes, saving both time and money. allows users to set up custom alarms on ships and ports, allowing the user to get notified if a ship changes its destination port, or if a certain port has a new arrival announced. Providing this information as fast as possible is paramount for customers in order to offer the ships services or to prepare the arrival of ships at a local port. currently offer 3 different service models based on how advanced a service the customer needs (number of accounts and integration to own business logic). furthermore provide a number of consulting services including Vessel density monitoring

  • Allow the users to follow a certain geographic area for ships passing through

  • Monitor port arrivals in own or competitors port.
    Environmental monitoring

  • Based on the information about vessel size and speed an environmental impact can be evaluated
    Private fleet management

  • Based on any private data source (AIS or LRIT)
    We take a pride in delivering first class innovative services to our customers; don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

    Brian Mortensen, Founder