World Marine Offshore

World Marine Offshore is a Danish offshore shipping company established in 2012 in the port of Esbjerg to meet the increasing demand for cost effective, safe and efficient crew and cargo transfer vessels.

The Company was founded in 2012 by 5 entrepreneurs with solid experience from Offshore shipping and management. The foundation of World Marine Offshore, was an innovative new type of CTV, where a patented “soft-bow”, an active gangway, is combined with the original Trimaran SWATH technology, to create a pioneering new type CTV.

Together with sister companies, World Marine Offshore offers a wide range of services:

  • Crew & Cargo transfers
  • Guard & Chase operations
  • Rescue support
  • Tug handling
  • Diving operations
  • Vessel management
  • Documentation & Inspection
  • Agency, incl. crewing agency
  • Supply of all maritime equipment

    World Marine Offshore is operated from Denmark and Germany, but the focus is the entire world.  We currently operate in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Customer satisfaction is our key motivation. We take great pride in providing a taylor-made solution to our customers, so that we end up with a cost effective and safe solution, which both parties value and benefit from

Lars C. Zøhner, CEO Comercial & Operations