Lyngsø Marine

Lyngsø Marine A/S and Amplidan is committed to develop and support electronic equipment for marine use.
With highly dedicated and mature solutions for the specific needs in the marine market, Lyngsø Marine and Amplidan is well known worldwide for offering reliable solutions with productsupport for the entire lifetime of the vessel.

Lyngsø Marine A/S is today integrated completely as a part of the company SAM Electronics GmbH located in Hamburg.

Major Supplier

Lyngsø Marine A/S is among the leading suppliers in the world of advanced marine automation equipment, marketed under the Stella:registered: brand name.

Founded in the 1950's and with more than 6000 installations worldwide, Lyngsø's expertise ranks second to none, and we are in constant touch with our customers to ensure that we understand and meet the requirements of the marketplace.

Quality Products

Lyngsø boasts a comprehensive inhouse R&D Division, warranting that the Stella:registered: systems always incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Our extensive product range includes everything from fully integrated ship control systems to small stand-alone alarm systems, all produced in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standard.

During the fall of 1996, Lyngsø introduced its new Stella:registered: 2100 series, comprising the UMS/UCS 2100 alarm and control system, the DMS 2100 bridge control system, the DPS 2100 safety system, the PCS 2100 Propulsion Control System, and the CMS 2100 Grasp container monitoring system.

Common for the new systems is that they meet the strictest demands for safety, reliability and user-friendly operation, they consist of highly flexible modules, and they are extremely cost efficient, both in terms of installation and operational costs.

With the new Stella:registered: 2100 series, Lyngsø is leading the way with a standard which not only meets the requirements of the leading classification societies, but which will be able to satisfy the demands from the marketplace well into the next century.

Quality Service

Today, Lyngsø is represented in more than 50 countries, offering fast and professional local support and service.

Lyngsø's service concept - Stella ShipCare - features a 24 hour Hot Line, guaranteed availability of a certified service engineer at any major port within 36 hours, guaranteed spare parts supply for 25 years, and a comprehensive preventive maintenance package.

Peace of Mind

At Lyngsø, it is our goal to be the preferred supplier of marine automation equipment. For us it is important that when you buy from Lyngsø, you buy not only systems and services - you buy peace of mind!

Kjeld Dittmann, Adm. Director