Møldrup Marine Consult

The company Moeldrup Marine Consulting offers independent, technical advice to shipping companies, ship owners and others with a need for clarification and guidance on maritime issues.

The assistance is performed on consultancy and superintendent basis, based on the individual ship’s situation and functions. You get access to more than 40 years of technical and maritime experience as well as in-depth knowledge on everything from the latest environment technologies to the most complicated industry regulations.

Examples of tasks that can be solved with assistance from Moeldrup Marine Consulting:

- Repairs and Conversions
- Dockings and Surveys
- Technical Management
- Change of Ownership – Pre-purchase Inspections and Change of Flag
- ISM, ISPS and CMID audits
- Crewing and procurement
- HSQE – Pollution prevention technologies and green optimizations
- Technical consultancy and evaluations in general

Moeldrup Marine Consulting comes to you whenever needed and the phone is open 24/7 to secure the best possible service and most professional assistance to your operations.

Superintendents from Moeldrup Marine Consulting are Danish Marine Engineers with a solid professional background that guarantee the knowledge needed to give you the insights and help you are looking for.

Contacting Moeldrup Marine Consulting for clarification of your needs is always free of charge and with no strings attached – do not hesitate to ask. 

Bjarne Møldrup Kristensen, Owner