Mols-Linien A/S


Mols-Linien is a listed Danish shipping company with two Kattegat routes ensuring fast, efficient and comfortable travel between Zealand and Jutland – one route from Aarhus to Odden and another from Ebeltoft to Odden.

Mols-Linien represents a significant part of the infrastructure between East and West Denmark, and today more passengers are transferred with the company's ferries than by domestic flights. Only the Great Belt Bridge has a higher level of traffic between East and West Denmark.

Mols-Linien transferred 1,1 million motorcar units and 2,5 million passengers in 2014.

The company has three modern fast ferries; Max Mols and the two super ferries, KatExpress 1 and KatExpress 2 both which are among the world's largest catamarans. Super ferries can load up to 1,200 passengers, 417 cars and 60 motorcycles on each crossing plus a number of caravans and buses and up to 30 trucks.

The crossing between Aarhus-Odden takes 75 minutes and 55 minutes between Ebeltoft and Odden. With the new expressway between Holbæk and Vig the journey from Aarhus to the Copenhagen metropolitan area can be made in a little more than two hours travelling with any of the up to 24 daily ferry departures.

Mols-Linien also offers special solutions for the freight industry as trucks and semitrailers can sail between Odden and Aarhus in just 75 minutes.

On board passengers can choose to eat in a restaurant or a cafe – or enjoy a cup of coffee in the Baresso bar. For children there is a playground and a cinema. Changing tables for the youngest are also available. Business travelers can work undisturbed in a lounge area.

Søren Jespersen, Adm. Director