Nexus Kommunikation A/S

Nexus Kommunikation A/S is a communication company that focuses on media and web production. We create complete solutions from the idea stage through to the finished product.

Our work areas are:

• Documentary film
• Promotion film
• Instruction film
• Multimedia
• Journalism
• Text writing
• Communication consultancy
• Web production in TYPO3

It is our vision to contribute with our specialized expertise in many areas and to unite linguistic, visual and digital competencies and bring it together as a whole. This way we can provide our costumers with unique and comprehensive solutions.

We produce programs for DR-tv, as well as journalistic and graphic solutions for large Danish corporations and organisations. We have produced a promotional film for the maritime trade
aimed at inspiring young people to choose a carrier at sea.

Our web department develops web solutions in TYPO3 which is a secure, user friendly Open Source technology.

Nexus Kommunikation is based in Infirmeriet in Avedørelejren and is part of the creative environment surrounding Filmbyen.

Working together with Nexus Kommunikation gives a competent overview, a personal service and professional sparring in the creation of media and web production

Ebbe Kyrø, CEO