C.C.JENSEN produce and deliver offline oil maintenance and oil filtration products. They are involved in the whole process from development and production to sales of systems for continuous oil maintenance. C.C.JENSEN’s approach to oil maintenance consists in continuously removingall solid particles, water and air from all types of oil in oil lubricated machinery.

The core technology consists of a number of filter inserts with each their specifications. However, they all have one common denominator: Their main ingredient is plant fibers. In order to fully live up to their oil maintenance concept, C.C.JENSEN’s filter technology is combined with other patented or refined technologies incorporated in the products.

C.C.JENSEN also produce and deliver oil absorbing filter parts and systems, which can reduce the oil content in bilge water to below 5 ppm.

Headquarters and Production are located in Denmark with 12 subsidiaries worldwide. Globally, they have 270 employees of whom 180 are based in Denmark.

C.C.JENSEN deliver CJC filter systems and solutions for offline oil maintenance and oil filtration in connection with 2 and 4 stroke diesel engines, propulsion equipment, thrusters, steering engines, gear transmissions, cranes and other deck equipment. Their products and solutions meet the relevant requirements of Classification Societies, IMO Resolutions, the ATEX Directive, etc.

Stig Due, CEO