Codan Marine

Codan Marine is one of the leading providers of marine insurance and risk management solutions in Scandinavia.

With offices in Copenhagen, Bergen, Gothenburg and Stockholm our highly experienced and proactive staff is dedicated to work in partnership with you to meet your local needs.

Our clients are in all sectors of the marine industry – from the small fishing vessel, yards to the world’s largest shipping companies.

With a turnover above USD 75 mio. og we insure 5,000 hulls in addition to our yards and mortgagee interests portfolio.

Through clear dialogue, high qualified and skillful employees, excellent financial security (S&P A rating) and an unrivalled know-how Codan Marine and our highly experienced marine risk management team at Survey Association Ltd are in a position to offer you an advantageous risk management partner-scheme including tailored insurance solutions, around the clock claims lead services, surveys as well as loss prevention activities.

Lone Scheuer Larsen, Nordic Director Marine Hull UW