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ProMare is an innovative, flexible and cost-effective alternative to a full time in-house employee in the legal, risk management or business development department.

ProMare applies broad industry knowledge and hands-on experience, aligning legal compliance with the commercial aspects. Our services cover the following type of work: commercial contracts, sale & purchase agreements, registration of ships and mortgagees, registration of companies,  management-  and agency contracts,  charter parties, compliance matters,  legal advice on maritime law and conventions,  risk analysis on flag states (taxation, employment aspects, costs),  preventive claims handling and other insurance matters, drafting of corporate documents in connection with international business transactions and employment law.

ProMare facilitates the growth of the maritime business. This is done i.e. by seeking business opportunities for smaller and medium size companies in the supply chain and finding new ways for collaboration, or assisting management with developing business strategies and finding innovative ways to accelerate growth and stay competitive in the market. Our business development services cover: tailor-made industry analyses, corporate risk analyses, strategic planning, process optimizing, advice on corporate, business and operational level strategies, and marketing strategies.

Christina Hansen, Partner