C-LOG is a Danish tech startup developing innovative digital solutions for the maritime industry. Our goal is to facilitate transparent collaboration among industry stakeholders.

Our mission is to set a new maritime industry standard for identity verification and competence & compliance assessment. One that is fast, transparent and secure.

We have developed a secure digital platform that can verify crew- identity, capacity and competencies (certificates, credentials and record of seagoing service). The purpose is to automate compliance processes and optimize capacity and competence management across the maritime industry. The platform helps maritime companies comply with the increasing number of rules and regulations in the international maritime industry.


Kristina Lynge, Managing Director



Professional health and safety services designed to your needs

CONOVAH provides tools, knowledge and consultancy services globally regarding occupational health and safety to support the maritime industry and other areas of transport.

We provide assistance tailored to the needs of your company and the individual employee. We can help you manage and implement workplace health and safety. We are open to all flags, maritime suppliers and transport companies.


·        Health and Safety Solutions

·        Global Psychological Crisis Assistance 24/7/365

·        Organizational development and leadership courses

·        EU Data Protection Implementation (GDPR)

·        Stress Management and stress courses

·        Psychological First Aid courses

·        Coaching / Mentoring

We have an experienced team of psychologists and experts that are familiar with the challenges on board ship and in other areas of transport.


Connie S. Gehrt, Managing Director

Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (Institut for Fremtidsforskning)


Contributing with knowledge and inspiration, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies supports decision-making. We identify and analyse trends that influence the future nationally and internationally. Through research, analyses, seminars, presentations, reports, and newsletters, we give advice on the future.

The objective of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is to strengthen the basis for decision-making in public and private organisations by creating awareness of the future and highlighting its importance to the present.

Our work methods range from statistically based analysis and the identification of global trends, to more subjective emotional factors of importance to the future.

The work of the Institute is interdisciplinary. The staff represents various fields of academic and professional backgrounds such as economics, political science, ethnography, psychology, engineering, PR and sociology.

Nicklas Larsen, Head of Members

Codan Marine

For more than five decades, IOP Marine & Chris-Marine have designed, manufactured and sold engine care equipment for 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines. Today, these machines are world-renowned for being operator friendly and of high quality. Now, and since the 1960’s, quality, reliability and usability remain to be our key trademarks.

In parallel with the increasing market shares, the product range is growing to meet the conscious customers’ constant demands for more advanced machines and tools for an ever-wider range of applications. In addition to the traditional grinding and testing equipment, the product range now includes both monitoring and cleaning equipment.

All products are designed, developed and manufactured on experience gained during almost half a century and in cooperation with major engine makers and quality-conscious users ashore and at sea.

Lone Scheuer Larsen, Nordic Director Marine Hull UW

City of Copenhagen (Københavns Kommune)

The City of Copenhagen has a population of 600.000 and about 33.000 businesses.

The City of Copenhagen has adopted an ambitious business and growth policy. The goal of the ‘Business and Growth Policy’ is to become Northern Europe's leading business metropolis – where economic growth and quality of life go hand in hand. These ambitious goals will be achieved through strengthening and maintaining Copenhagen as an open city that attracts international companies, investments, highly skilled international professionals, tourists and big events. Read more

Business House Copenhagen is the link between businesses and the City of Copenhagen, and they help entrepreneurs start their own business. They also help and guide businesses to get the required permits, applications and licenses from the City of Copenhagen and other authorities. And they help businesses with recruitment. Read more  

International House Copenhagen is the one-point entry for all international citizens coming to Copenhagen to work or study. The objective of the house is to provide international citizens with the best possible start to life in Copenhagen by giving them the comfort of a one-point entry.

Signe Ingholt-Gaarde, Senior Advisor, Department of Finance


COWI is a leading consultancy firm, which creates value added benefits for clients, citizens and the society by applying a 360 degree approach to finding solutions.

With world class experts in engineering, environment, climate, energy and social sciences we approach tje challenges from a range of different angles to create holistic solutions for our clients.

Our experts have helped client all over the world within areas sucs as port planning, maritime constructions, risc assessments, strategy, market evaluations as well as economic analysis.

We have offices all over the world, which we involve to give local insights in projects – large or small – to give the best solution. We are constantly involved in more than 17,000 projects. Our projects are both within specific maritime constructions as well as aimed at legal, planning, strategic, legislation and economic aspects and we have carry out several projects for e.g. the European Commission, which give us access to the most updated development within the maritime sector.

We have more than 80 year's experience in consulting, and COWI is leading within our field, because our 6,200 employees each within their field of expertise, are leading. Together with our clients we create a coherent and sustainable World.

Ole Kveiborg, Senior Consultant

CMP - Copenhagen Malmö Port AB

Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP) is centrally located in both Denmark and Sweden serving the import to and export from the region. The Port is located as the natural gateway for the markets in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea.

A single distribution centre – that's all it takes to reach ten countries in the Baltic Region. CMP enjoys the perfect location. International car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda already make use of the opportunities it provides.

Enjoy lower costs – the Baltic Region can be covered from a single port, meaning you benefit from economies of scale and lower costs. In recent years, CMP has been developing into an important transport hub because our location means we are in exactly the right spot to provide the most effective logistics for the Baltic Sea Region.
Since the opening of the Øresund Bridge in 2000, it has been possible to supply Norway, Sweden and Denmark without trans-shipping freight. All of the countries around the Baltic Sea can now be covered by a simple combination of ships, trains and lorries.

We have the infrastructure – we have everything you need to deliver the goods safely and on time. Container ships, car ships and ro-ro vessels dock at CMP every day. We are located in the north–south transport corridor and also have good east–west links.
CMP’s port facilities in Denmark and Sweden are linked by the Øresund Bridge. CMP is situated close to both Copenhagen Airport and a well-developed network of motorways and railway connections.

A new logistics park – in the next few years CMP will be building a new ferry terminal, a combi-terminal, two new container terminals and a car terminal.

CMP can offer space right beside the new terminals. That provides advantages regardless of whether your ongoing distribution is by ship, lorry or aeroplane.

One big local market – CMP has a market of four million people right on its doorstep, and that means quick and easy contact with large numbers of affluent consumers. The whole Baltic Sea Region is home to some 100 million consumers.

Working together to generate results – we believe in progress and growth through partnership. CMP invests in port infrastructure and facilities along with our customers in line with current strategy and in order to generate new business. CMP puts a great deal of effort into encouraging long-term partnerships with our customers – and that produces results.

Our current customers – major international companies have set up in CMP in recent years. Toyota and Honda have concentrated their automobile distribution to the whole of the Nordic Region and Western Russia at CMP. Sony Nordic and the Spanish steel giant Acerinox are other distribution customers. UNICEF's world storehouse is also located at CMP.

Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO

CBS - Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School is an international university. Among the largest business schools in Northern Europe, CBS focuses on developing strong links between contemporary research and the active business community, and aims to contribute new, pioneering knowledge which can be converted into innovation and competitiveness.

CBS offers a dynamic learning environment where students learn how creative power really puts knowledge to work.

As a part of our wide range of degree programmes, CBS is recognised as having the only part-time, Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics in the world. This unique MBA offers high potential executives in shipping industry an up-to-date insight into modern management theories and their application in the maritime sector.

Henrik Sornn-Friese, Director CBS Maritime

Codan Marine

Codan Marine is one of the leading providers of marine insurance and risk management solutions in Scandinavia.

With offices in Copenhagen, Bergen, Gothenburg and Stockholm our highly experienced and proactive staff is dedicated to work in partnership with you to meet your local needs.

Our clients are in all sectors of the marine industry – from the small fishing vessel, yards to the world’s largest shipping companies.

With a turnover above USD 75 mio. og we insure 5,000 hulls in addition to our yards and mortgagee interests portfolio.

Through clear dialogue, high qualified and skillful employees, excellent financial security (S&P A rating) and an unrivalled know-how Codan Marine and our highly experienced marine risk management team at Survey Association Ltd are in a position to offer you an advantageous risk management partner-scheme including tailored insurance solutions, around the clock claims lead services, surveys as well as loss prevention activities.

Lone Scheuer Larsen, Nordic Director Marine Hull UW


Cobham SATCOM, formerly Thrane & Thrane A/S, is part of the UK-based Cobham Group, which products and services have been at the heart of sophisticated military and civil systems for more than 75 years.We develop, manufacture and sell equipment and systems for global mobile communication based on sophisticated satellite and radio technology and we have a world leading market position. Our products enable people on land, at sea and in the air to stay in touch.

The maritime products are marketed worldwide under the SAILOR and Sea Tel brands. Developed to address the most demanding maritime conditions and improving safety and daily life at sea they are your assurance of quality, durability, reliability and ease of use. We offer VHF and MF/HF radios to complete GMDSS solutions as well as products for Inmarsat-C, FleetBroadband, Iridium, VSAT and satellite TV. Our maritime service network stretches around the globe. Trained dealers, distributors and service centres are available for instant support and service in harbours all over the world. Regular training for staff as well as a range of spare parts in stock is mandatory for certified members of our On Board Service Centre network, assuring fast and qualified assistance.

Peter Andersen, Maritime Business Development Manager

Clipper Group A/S

Clibber logo ok.jpg

Clipper is an industry leader in dry-bulk, operating a fleet of approximately 150 bulk carriers. We transport a wide range of cargo, from dry bulk to break bulk - everything from grain, fertilizer and coal to steel products, pipes and logs, both on contract and spot basis.

In addition to bulk, we have a strong complementary business in the ro-ro segment; Seatruck Ferries operating on the Irish Sea. Clipper is headquartered in Copenhagen, employs around 150 worldwide, and has an extended office network.

Britt Jørgensen, Head of HR & Communication

CMHS - Centre of Maritime Health and Safety

The Centre of Maritime Health and Safety (CMHS) in Esbjerg is a centre under the Institute of Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark.

CMHS provides independent research and documentation that can help to optimize the working environment, living conditions, health and safety of seafarers, fishermen and workers on offshore installations.

We collaborate with a wide range of businesses and other stakeholders in the maritime field.

Current key tasks include monitoring and improvement of
• maritime safety
• treatment options at sea
• lifestyle, living conditions, culture, and psychosocial conditions on board

CMHS has a multidisciplinary staff of currently 5.8 researchers with various backgrounds such as anthropology, sociology and health sciences.

Susanne E. Frank, Secretary, Commercial Correspondent