J. Lauritzen A/S

J. Lauritzen has served the maritime trade worldwide for more than 130 years and has been engaged in a range of different segments of the shipping industry. Today, we are a global provider of marine transportation of dry bulk cargoes, petrochemicals and liquefied petroleum gases.

Lauritzen Bulkers controls a modern fleet of more than 100 primarily handysize and supramax dry bulk carriers.

Lauritzen Kosan controls a fleet of about 40 semi-refrigerated, fully-pressurized and ethylene gas carriers - a segment of the shipping industry characterised by technically complex requirements from regulators and clients.

From our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and our overseas offices in Singapore, China, the Philippines, the United States, Switzerland and Spain, we employ around 1,100 highly-skilled and experienced people at sea and ashore.

J. Lauritzen is wholly owned by the Lauritzen Foundation - a commercial foundation with the objective to support shipping, culture, social humanitarian work and education.

Karsten Gauger, Head of HSSEQ Department


Logimatic er en ingeniør- og softwarevirksomhed med mere end 25 års global erfaring.

Vi designer, udvikler, sælger, implementerer og sup­porterer egne software- og automationsløsninger. Løsningerne er rettet mod mange forskellige typer virksomheder - fra private til offentlige og fra service til produktion.

Typisk er der rådgivning og konsulentassistance forbundet med løsningerne, og vi er ofte projektleder ved system integrationer og ved udvikling af specialløsninger.

IT baseret Fleet Maintenance & Indkøb

Sertica er Logimatics softwareløsning til effektiv styring og planlægning af vedligeholdsopgaver og indkøb af reservedele i enhver moderne virksomhed.

Løsningen er yderligere optimeret til brug som fleet management system hos rederier og shipping virksomheder. Løsningen dækker både indkøb fra rederikontoret og vedligeholdsaktiviteterne om bord på skibene. Sertica skaber sammenhæng i hele vedligeholds-, rekvisitions- og indkøbsflowet hos rederiet og mod leverandørerne.

Sertica henvender sig til alle brancher, som har behov for at dokumentere, systematisere og skabe overblik over virksomhedens vedligeholdsopgaver.

Systemet giver kunden et optimalt overblik, og dokumenterer historik over vedligeholdsaktiviteter og ressourceforbrug. Det forebygger driftsstop og reducerer omkostningerne hos vores kunder.

Læs mere om Sertica på www.sertica.dk

Maritime Automation and Design

Til det maritime segment leverer vi desuden IPMS - Integrated Platform Management System - til flådeskibe og CMAS - Control Monitoring Alarm System - til kommercielle skibe. Derudover laver vi el- og automationsdesign til alle typer skibe.

Læs mere om vores løsninger inden for automation og design på www.logimatic.dk/Maritim-Automation


Logimatic is an engineering and software company with more than 25 years of experience in a global market.

We design and develop, sell, implement and support in-house developed software and automation solutions. The solutions are geared towards many different types of companies - from private to public and from service to production.

There are usually consultancy services connected with the solutions and we often provide project management during system integrations and for the development of customised solutions.

IT based Fleet Maintenance & Procurement

Sertica is Logimatic’s software solution for efficient management of planning maintenance tasks and procurement of spare parts in any modern business.

The solution is further optimized for use as a fleet management system for shipping companies and shipping businesses. The solution covers both procurement from shipping offices as well as maintenance activities on board ships. Sertica creates consistency in the entire maintenance, requisitions, and procurement flow of the shipping company and to suppliers.

Sertica is aimed at all sectors that need to document, classify and create an overview of the company’s maintenance tasks.

The system provides the customer with an optimal overview and documents the history of maintenance activities and use of resources. It prevents downtime and reduces costs for our customers.

For more information on Sertica please go to www.sertica.com

Maritime Automation and Design

Towards the maritime segment we supply IPMS – Integrated Platform Management Systems – for naval vessels and CMAS – Control Monitoring Alarm Systems – for commercial ships. In addition, we provide electrical and automation designs for all kinds of ships.


Michael Paarup, Manager

Lloyds Register, Copenhagen

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a global engineering, technical and business services organisation wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to research and education in science and engineering. Founded in 1760 as a marine classification society, we now operate across many industry sectors, with over 9,000 employees in 78 countries.

We have a long-standing reputation for integrity, impartiality and technical excellence. Our compliance, risk and technical consultancy services give clients confidence that their assets and businesses are safe, sustainable and dependable. Through our global technology centres and research network, LR is at the forefront of understanding the application of new science and technology to future-proof our clients’ businesses.


Charlotte B. Nielsen, Nordic Marketing Coordinator


Liquid Transfer Technology Danmark ApS

Liquid Transfer Technology BV (LTT) was established in 1999 as a specialist in industrial hoses and fenders for the shipping industry. The port of Rotterdam based company grew out to be an all-round supplier of shipping equipment, with a name that stands for high quality and safety.

Acceptance as a certified supplier for Shell confirms the importance of quality and safety for our company. Since 2012, LTT has been fully registered under the Shell Supplier Qualification System for all transfers of liquefied cargos, based on proven reliability and qualities of excellence. LTT has an impeccable incident record. We hold four certificates with Bureau Veritas, the world's leading certification body, and a product certificate with Gutteling, producer and supplier of composite hoses. LTT is a worldwide agent for Gutteling hoses.

Operations throughout the world brought us a wide range of experience in the field of rental and sales of hoses, fenders, hydraulic pumps and other equipment. Our company performs the on and off loading of liquids onto seagoing and inland waterway vessels, offshore installations, and on-shore installations. Cargos range from mineral and vegetable oils to diesel, LPG and LNG. For these operations we have a range of more than two hundred types of composite hoses. For ship-to-ship operations a complete package is supplied, including rental equipment and a boarding master for supervision.

Through the years LTT expanded to new areas. We are now also providing equipment such as reducers, adapters, pumps and inert gas generators. Other rental and sales services include tank cleaning and hydraulic equipment, heaters, portable filtration units, generators and oil booms. Our well equipped workshop and rental fleet with skilled staff is at your service for 24/7 assistance on a worldwide scale.

The LTT main office is located in the port of Rotterdam area, The Netherlands. LTT is also present with offices and workshops in Malta and Bornholm, Denmark.

George Zeemann, Offshore Manager

LETH Agencies

Our activities in the Suez Canal and Egyptian ports started in 1924 by supplying steam coal in Port Said. As the shipping industry and the number of transits increased the canal transit clearance service was added.

The company is a specialized transit agency offering swift and secure services in the Suez and Panama Canals as well as in the Turkish and Danish Straits. Additionally, our services also comprise port calls and husbandry services in South Africa and Singapore. Leth Agencies is owned by its Managing Director and Chairman.

Our services are provided by our offices in Oslo (head office), Copenhagen and Singapore. In Egypt our operation is run by offices in Port Said, Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.

Our Egyptian joint venture, Leth Egypt Agencies (LEA) in Port Said, is in addition to the transit services also providing agency services to clients requesting security teams and equipment onboard the vessels. We are the market leader within security team operations in Egypt presently servicing more than 60 security teams companies.


Jacob Guldager, Branch Manager and Director Operations