World Marine Offshore


World Marine Offshore is a Danish offshore shipping company established in 2012 in the port of Esbjerg to meet the increasing demand for cost-effective, safe and efficient crew and cargo transfer vessels.

The Company was founded by 6 entrepreneurs with solid experience from Offshore shipping and management. The foundation of World Marine Offshore, was an innovative new type of CTV, where a patented “soft-bow”, an active gangway, is combined with the original Trimaran SWATH technology, to create a pioneering new type CTV. Today World Marine Offshore has a versatile fleet specialized in transferring crew and cargo to and from offshore installations.

World Marine Offshore offers a wide range of services in three main areas:

Offshore Logistic:

·      Offshore crew transfer

·      Offshore support

·      Offshore standby services

·      Ferry services

·      Surveys

·      Diving and ROV Operations

Subsea and diving services:

·      Bathymetrical and geophysical surveys

·      PLGR work

·      Inspections

·      Cleaning and anode replacement

·      In-water surveys by divers and or ROV’s

Maritime Management:

·      Project Management

·      Technical Management

·      HSEQ

·      Dry dock preparation and Supervision

·      Procurement and Port Logistic

·      Commercial Management

World Marine Offshore is operated from Denmark and Germany, but the focus is the entire world.  We currently operate in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

Customer satisfaction is our key motivation. We take great pride in providing a tailor-made solution to our customers, so that we end up with a cost-effective and safe solution, which both parties value and benefit from.

Jette Østergaard, Quality Manager


Wrist Ship Supply

Wrist Ship Supply is the world’s leading ship and offshore supplier of provisions and stores with a market share in excess of 7%. Wrist offers a global 24/7 service, including handling of owners’ goods, shipping, air freight and related marine services that meet the demands of international organisations as well as local businesses.

From offices around the globe, all Wrist staff take pride in making it easy for customers to receive their supplies – where and when requested – efficiently and at the best possible price.

Our mission is to provide expert care to each ship and offshore location.

Søren Jørgensen, Executive Vice President, CCO

Wärtsilä Danmark A/S

Wärtsilä Danmark A/S with approx. 200 employees, performs a wide range of assignments in the marine sector. With Wärtsilä Corporation, one of the world´s largest organizations within marine supplies behind us, our products and quality set an extremely high standard.

Ship Power
Wärtsilä offers sale, installation and service of complete propulsion systems, main and auxiliary engines for the fishing, shipping and offshore industry.

Marine Service
We do all kinds of repairs to propeller and rudder equipment all over the world e.g. boring of stern tubes, steering gears, drawing of shafts etc.
Our specially trained service mechanics are very competent and used to working under international conditions.
Wärtsilä provides service and reconditioning for ship machinery. We carry out all varieties of overhauls and repairs of all engine types either in our workshops, at the quay or by sailing worldwide with the ship in question.

Repair and production of propeller shafts and rudder stocks
Wärtsilä Propulsion Services has developed a unique technique of cold straightening that permits straightening of shafts of virtually most sizes and executions. We also produce new shafts at competitive prices and delivery times.

Boiler Services
Wärtsilä Boiler Services provides inspection services and repairs for all marine steam boilers and their control systems, as well as fundamental spare parts related to the repairs.
In our workshop boiler or heat exchanger tubes are manipulated into almost any configuration by bending or welding.

Wärtsilä Services specialises in propulsion system services, using the latest advanced laser/gyro technology for measuring, straightening and supporting engines and shaft systems all over the world. Wärtsilä use our own set-up of instruments to ensure a fast and precise result. We carry out on-site adjustments of crankshafts. Wärtsilä Services has developed own software and hardware for measuring of vibrations and monitoring temperatures.

Tine Bonde, Communication and Business Coordinator





Windahl Sandroos & Co.

Windahl Sandroos & Co. is internationally recognized as a leading legal adviser to the maritime industry.

The dedicated shipping lawyers of the firm assist clients in the shipping and transport sectors. We provide legal assistance and advice on commercial and liability issues and assist in transactions involving the operation of ships and shipowning activities. Our clients include:

  • Ship owners, operators and charterers
  • Ship brokers and managers
  • Bunker suppliers and other suppliers
  • Stevedores and port terminals
  • Logistics Services Providers
  • Insurers and banks
  • Transportation and shipping companies.

Legal assistance and advice in relation to carriage of goods by sea – whether pursuant to a charterparty, bill of lading or other transport document – is an important area of our maritime law practice. We assist with legal issues involving carriage of goods by sea, such as chartering, transport of general cargo and contracts of affreightment. 

We provice assistance within all shipping sectors, including tankers, containers, bulk cargoes, project cargoes, ferries and offshore support vessels and we represent clients before courts and tribunals in liability cases, including under C/P’s, the Hague-Rules, Hague-Visby Rules and national law, and offer advice on all other legal aspects of sea carriage.

We have detailed knowledge of all aspects of marine and transport insurance derived from years of cooperation with clients in the transport and marine insurance industry.

Bo Sandoors, Partner