Say hello to our International Network Forum!

Cultural differences are all around us! As a global maritime leader, Denmark attracts many international employees both on and offshore. Most of us can acknowledge the interesting aspect of meeting new cultures but alongside the enthusiasm, it also brings some challenges. But how do we work with these differences, and is there a simple explanation on how to work within the Danish culture?

Trip to Lindø with FMH - The future educational training center!

More apprenticeships, more collaborative project work between maritime companies, and a better sense of what is waiting after graduating? This is just a few of many advantages that students from four educational institutions will get from the new Lindø Training Center. 

September 20, 2016 the project FMH had arranged a networking event to Lindø Industrial Park in collaboration with SIMAC. 

Please give a welcome to the ‘Work Environment Forum’ Steering Committee

The 'Work Environment Forum' Steering Committee is all sewn up and is at the rate of knots, ready to present to you a series of exciting and highly relevant topics throughout the coming fall/winter- and spring/summer season.

Through collaboration with the maritime cluster, the ‘Work Environment Forum’ Steering Committee will put emphasis on relevant challenges and topics within working environment and occupational health and safety.

The new Port Forum steering committee is here!

The ‘Port Forum’ is a brand new initiative! In MDCE the ports haven’t had the opportunity for a cross corporation between ports stakeholders so far. This very needed steering committee has now fallen into place and is very excited to show you what moves in the Danish port industry. The themes will be relevant for all companies with any kind of port related activities and invites stakeholders to innovate and exchange experiences in order to strengthen the collaboration and hopefully develop new business opportunities.