Port Forum

The objective of MDC’s Port Forum is to present a series of meetings concerning themes relevant for all companies with any kind of port related activities. In PortForum port stakeholders can exchange experiences in order to strengthen the collaboration and develop new business, innovation and opportunities.

Port Forum will put emphasis upon issues with a real impact upon operations, financing, laws & regulations, working environment, synergies/cooperation and competences.

We are looking forward to presenting you with a long list of exciting speakers, valuable insight and inspiration at approx. 4 meetings yearly, arranged in collaboration with the Steering Committee

The meetings will mainly be conducted in Danish.

Topics of the 2017 season of Port Forum:

  • Fremtidens Havne (conducted in Danish)
  • Cruise Denmark - A matter of possibilities (conducted in English)
  • Liberalisering vs. forsyningspligt (conducted in Danish)
  • Planloven (conducted in Danish)
  • Digitalization - opportunities and threats

Please meet the steering committee: