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Cyber security - threat, trends and employee awareness

  • Copenhagen Denmark (map)

How can your organization prepare for the constant changing cyber threat? The circumstances are changing, and the biggest risk right now is the employee behind the screen. Get updated on the latest cyber threats and trends.

Cooperation between the IT organization and the business is vital, and we will look into how they can support each other and which campaigns on user behavior to use. Can e.g. nudging influence cyber behavior?

Learn why everyone must become aware of at least the basics on cyber security. This is the key to building up a threat intelligence to ensure that everyone, despite their different IT savviness, understands their role and the responsibility they hold to secure systems and data.

Cyber security is no longer just the focus of IT organizations. Threats are looming and ultimately you can lose money and customers. A new mindset in the boardroom can secure an increase in IT budgets. Depending on your budget, it can either improve or impair the infrastructure of keeping away malicious individuals. 


Jens Monrad, Principal Intelligence Analyst, FireEye: As a frequent speaker, intelligence expert and analyst with 18 years of experience within IT security, Jens will provide us with a strategic risk analysis of the general threat landscape in EMEA and how it affects the risk of cyberattacks from nation-state actors to opportunistically driven cyber criminals.

Ken Munro, Partner, Pen Test Partners: Being a specialist in maritime security and IoT in general, Ken is an obvious candidate to explain the sometimes overlooked risk that comes with the digital age in the maritime industry. Ken is a strong advocate of responsible disclosure and regularly researches and reveals security vulnerabilities in an effort to promote better security design and practice.

Kasper Hulgaard, Behavioural Consultant, INudgeYou: Can nudging be a new way of positive reinforcement  and indirect suggestions as ways to influence cyber behavior of employees? Can you expand the understanding of risk and how should we communicate it?

Moderator: Lars Jensen, CEO & Partner, SeaIntelligence Consulting

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