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Imagine being a main engine - how should we treat you in 2020?


The introduction of the global cap in 2020 puts limits to SOx emissions. Shipowners and operators need to prepare in a timely manner, in order to adhere to regulation, and to make sure the transition is done in a safe manner not affecting the vessels systems and operation.

With this workshop we want to invite technicians, superintendents, commercial operators, suppliers - and everybody else with interest in vessel maintenance and operation to go into the brain of a main engine to discuss and learn how to prepare for the global cap.

Initially we will get an overview: why the global cap? What regulations are implemented? And how are they implemented and enforced?

We will continue to look at the bunker side: what to expect from new qualities bunker blends, how should we prepare the vessel in terms of procedures and tanks - and not at least crew training.

Finally, we look at the engine side. What will the new fuels mean for our engines? How about cylinder- and lube oils, maintenance, adjustments etc.

We will wrap up with a Q&A session, which will be a forum for exchanges knowledge and experience as well as a possibility to use all the experts present from engine manufacturers, suppliers etc.

Come join us on a day where the focus is to share hands-on knowledge between people with a passion for vessel management and operation - to make sure that we prepare for the best possible global cap transition.