Maritime Courses and  Academic Lectures – Free of Charge

The Danish Maritime Cluster Project aims at strengthening the level of competences within the Danish Maritime Cluster. The project partners are offering a series of courses and lectures, free of charge, to students and maritime personnel looking at strengthening his or hers level of competence.


Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management

In the autumn of 2014 Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology is offering different workshops related to marine engineering. The workshops are to be held in Danish.

Click here for registration or more information or contact Allan Larsen at or + 45 4525 7616.


Copenhagen Business School Executive

In the autum of 2014 CBS Executive offeres a course in business leadership.

Leading: Relations and Collaborations (2 days):

10 - 11 November 2014

For registration or more information contact Irene Rosberg or +45 38 15 60 07

Fall 2013

- Strategic Management

- Resourceful Leadership

- Shipping Economics and Operations

- Shipping Finance & Risk Management

Click here for more information about the short executive shipping courses


FORCE Technology

The company offers two courses, free of charge, that provide both insight and training in the subjects of Leadership and Human Factors.

Simulator-based Leadership (2 days):
9 - 10 October
6 - 7 November

Human Factors Training Course for Managers (3 days):
17 - 19 September  
8 - 10 October
For more information or registration contact Guillermo Gomez Garay or +45 72 15 78 77.



SIMAC will be hosting several presentations from industry and faculty regarding new developments within their field. Students, practitioners, and educators are all welcome. Presentations are in Danish. 

For more information contact Nana Høgsland

Academic Courses Offered via the Vacant Place System – student fee required   

At both Copenhagen Business School and Copenhagen University the Vacant Place System provides the opportunity for non-students and students, not already following the university’s master or bachelor programme, to apply for a university course within the maritime field.

Please note that the Vacant Place System requires for you to pay a student fee in the case of enrolment.   


Copenhagen University - Faculty of Law
Master level courses (Open to external applicants)

Erstatning ved Maritime Ulykker (Danish)

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Courses are offered during the fall semester of 2014:
Transport logistics and optimisation
The course are accessible trough the Vacant Place system

For more information contact Allan Larsen or +45 4525 1502

DTU - Transport
Master level courses

Spring 2013:

Kursus 13432 Maritim Logistik

Copenhagen Business School
Courses are offered during the fall semester of 2014:
Developments in International Shipping
Global Transportation and Maritime Logistics
Management of Maritime Operations within Supply Chains
Financial Risk Managment in Shipping
Legal and Economic Risk Management in the Shipping Sector
The courses are accessible through the Vacant Place system
For more information contact Henrik Sornn-Friese or +45 3815 2932.

Master level courses

Fall 2012:

Minor in Maritime Business
T90 - Management of Maritime Operations
T89 - Transportation and Maritime Logistics
V88 - Developments in International Shipping