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Presenting with Impact - for Technical Specialists

  • FORCE Technology 99 Hjortekærsvej Kongens Lyngby, 2800 Denmark (map)

Do you ever have to convince a group of reluctant people to go along with your idea or  buy your advanced technical product? 

In 2017 presenting and persuading has never been more challenging as audiences are overwhelmed with information and more choices than ever before. Learning how to present in this challenging environment is not the same as presenting before and skills that may have worked then, are not that effective now.

Whatever your skill level, join this highly engaging and inspiring one-day programme by Chris Rycroft, one of the leading Executive Presenting Coaches in Europe. Chris will show how to plan, prepare and build presentations that engage and involve audiences and customers, help overcome resistance and convince decision makers.

In this highly interactive and inspiring one-day programme Chris will leverage your existing skills and provide you with some cutting edge techniques for capturing your audience’s attention in the first 90 seconds and not letting them go.

 You will learn 

  • How to capture the audience within 90 seconds and never let them go

  • How to own the room and use power gestures to reinforce your message

  • Learn how to handle and overcome resistance from an audience

  • A preparation technique that will save you time but create far more impact

  • Presentation tools to make your slides stand out

  • The power of the WIIFY: What’s in It for You - the audience

  • Use and apply WIIFY triggers to involve and drive engagement with your audience

  • Use the latest finding in neurology to drive engagement

  • Knowing which is the best chart to use

  • Presenting data more effectively

  • Why never start with the agenda?

  • The Secret of presenting to Senior Executives

  • Webinar tips and tricks

Read more about Chris Rycroft here
For further information, please contact Henriette Dybkær

MDC member: DKK 1.495,- + tax
Non-members: DKK 3.995,- + tax