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Copenhagen Maritime and Transport Hackathon

Take part in disrupting the maritime industry in 48 hours

Everything around Maritime, Shipping, Transportation and Logistics

New tech is eating the world and there remains plenty of eating in the Maritime and Transport industry. Are you too trying to find innovation's relevance for your business? Then we have just the event for you. Become a sponsor for the Copenhagen Maritime and Transport hackathon! 

Sponsors will bring their challenges and business ideas to 100 "hackers": developers, entrepreneurs, students, designers, etc. who will spend a weekend coding solution prototypes.

Our partners are IBM and Amazon so solutions may include some cutting-edge technology — a perfect quick-and-dirty demo for your business pain point. Put AI, blockchain and other disruptive buzzwords to the test! Want to know more? Find participants and potential topics here. Request the intro deck here


Topic 1: AI - Automate and Improve?
Topic 2: Open Data & Block Chain - Disrupt the Port
Topic 3: Crystal Ball - Predict the flow
Topic 4: Tell me, what happened!
Topic 5: Disrupt the Port - Hackers Paradise?
Topic 6: The weakest link
Topic 7: No waiting
Topic 8: End to end tracking