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Blue Denmark zooms in on autonomous ships

and invites delegates from all parts of the world to a Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

Introduction by the Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Brian Mikkelsen

Preliminary Programme

  • Keynote speakers from major stakeholders
  • Presentations and discussions on policy, legal, and operational aspects of autonomous shipping
  • Showcasing developments in the automation of ships, digitalization and the use of information technology
  • Presentation of an analysis on regulatory operational barriers for autonomous ships
  • Presentation of research project leading to autonomous ships
  • Implications for the regulatory framework in the IMO
  • Presentations and discussions on the implications for the regulatory framework in the IMO and EU

There will be openings for industry, research organizations and others to present their projects etc. in the
foyer to the main conference hall. For further information please contact the organizers.

Registration from 08:00 – End no later than 17:30
A free Ice-breaker reception is planned for Monday evening from 18:00

Further information and registration is found at:

Contact to organizers / Sanne Rask Nielsen at
The event is free of charge; however, there will be a ”No show” fee of DKK 500,-