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Safety Leadership

  • Swire Blue Ocean Fairway House, Arne Jacobsens Allé 7 2300 Copenhagen Denmark (map)

What is safety leadership and what are the benefits? Can we trust that people will do the work safely? Do our safety procedures actually increase safety? How can we go from a reactive to a proactive safety approach? Does nearmiss reporting make sense or how can you gain more from the data you have?

These are some of the questions that we will discuss at this event in order to give inspiration to make your safety efforts meaningful and effective.


Maritime accidents: One truth or two (or more) perspectives?
By Oessur Hilduberg, Head of The Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board

When an accident happens it is not uncommon to investigate the root cause and establish the facts with the ultimate aim to find the truth. But can we ever get to the root cause? When did the fact become a fact? And what if the truth is nothing but an end to our anxiety? Together let us examine this through the case study of a (maritime) accident.

Key message: Forward thinking leaders engage with and appreciate multiple perspectives rather than becoming drawn towards monolithic and convenient explanations.  

The ritual of Near-miss reporting; a trade-off between business and safety interests
By Mikkel Gardner Andersen, Nordic Marine Risk Manager, Codan Marine

In shipping, the abstract of a near-miss is promoted as ‘good business and economic sense because it can improve crew performance and reduce costs’.
Ask yourself; will your operation become; more safe if the KPI for near-miss reporting is increased, or more unsafe if the KPI is discarded?

Are we simplifying “life” by creating an understanding that the studying and investigating of an intangible phenomena like a near-miss (pre-accident events), in which safety, according to the belief of classic safety thinking, is absent, can improve safety?

Assuming a near-miss provide knowledge, do we succeed transforming it into learning and affecting a potential response from a seafarer?
The session will explore perceptions collected through a field study in shipping “Near-miss, a mantra with dubious effect on safety”

My Valentine effect - All it took was 24 minutes and 5 fingers!
by Vivek Menon,  Head of Department, SeaHealth & Welfare

As humans we think that we proactively understand and manage people to work safely. But, do we really?

Working with people from diverse backgrounds can be challenging or, it can be highly rewarding and fruitful. It all depends on how we perceive others and how we challenge our understanding of things we take for granted. So, how can we get a better understanding of people with diverse backgrounds? Can we pave a path to lead people to safety and not just manage them?

CASE: Does implementing a contemporary view on safety resonate with industry compliance and regulatory requirements?
by Maria Martens, Head of HSSEQ, Maersk Supply Service

Moderator: Connie Gehrt, CONOVAH

The event will be conducted in English.

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