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South Korea – cooperation opportunities for maritime innovation

  • Asian House 16 Indiakaj København, 2100 Denmark (map)

South Korea is the most innovative country in the world, according to the World Economic Forum. Furthermore, the country has captured more than 20% of the global shipbuilding orders in 2017.

The Korean peninsula has been on the world's agenda for the past year, with recent interesting developments in the light of the progress on improving relations between North and South Korea. With these interesting factors in mind, South Korea is a country to keep a close eye on.

This seminar will provide you with interesting insights in establishing cooperation, developments, projects or business with South Korean partners, companies, research institutions or authorities. You will be presented with cases from companies engaged in businesses in South Korea – what are the typical pitfalls, which considerations to make and how to understand the business culture?

The Innovation Center at the Danish Embassy in Korea (ICDK) will give an insight in the possibilities on the Korean market – with a focus on building partnerships and projects focused on innovation with South Korean counterparts. They will also address the funding opportunities and future initiatives for collaboration.

The South Korean Counsellor (Ambassaderåd) and Vice-Chef-de-mission to Denmark mr. Jaeha Choi will also attend and give a talk about maritime business and collaboration opportunities between Danish and South Korean organizations.

The event will be followed by a networking reception.


  • Mr. Jaeha Choi, South Korean Counsellor (Ambassaderåd) and Vice-Chef-de-mission

  • Dennis Nørholt, COO, ScanTech Marine

  • Martin Rune Hoxer, Executive Director, Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul

Moderator: Mikkel Hansen, CEO, MDC

Participation is free of charge
For more information, please contact
Mikkel Hansen, CEO, MDC
Phone: 0045 2261 9448