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  • Dansk Arkitektur Center 27B Strandgade København, 1401 Denmark (map)

This workshop is the second of a series of events about 3D printing in the maritime industry. We will look into product versus process innovation, additive manufacturing and supply chains of the future. We will also take a closer look at printing of spare parts and in that connection quality, classification, IP rights and the expected impact on business models. 

About the program
The study trip was very speaker intensive, so we have prioritized time for the group to discuss and recap learnings from the trip. This is also meant as a short resume for those of you who didn’t participate in the trip. Furthermore, we would like to start discussing the way forward for participants and for the group. In that connection, we encourage workshop participants to share progress in project and/or line of thought. If you wish to present your idea, please notify us as soon as possible.

Please confirm your participation no later than Thursday June 16th to

Those of you who were on the study trip is familiar with Märtha’s challenge. To those of you who were not, we hope you will play along in order to get a feeling of the 3D print community:
Let’s get our hands dirty with 3D printing and collectively take each other up on the following challenge before we meet again on the 21st of June,

What: Create an STL and press print!
1) the Design: The STL is the pdfs for 3Dprinters. Create one from scratch of any object, convert existing CAD, or download for free via open source platforms like

2) the 3D print. Take your STL file to your chosen printer and press print! You can access a local network of 3D printers on Insert your location, send out your STL and request for quotations from your local network on price, lead time and so on (current average lead time is 2 days). Pick up your print at chosen location!

3) the Learning: log your experience throughout the entire value chain of 3D printing – from design to printing, to result and potential application. Feel free to use Ivar’s themes as you structure and organize your thoughts.

4) the Sharing: we have a select slot on the 21st to discuss your experiences, synthesize and ask “so what?”. Should you by chance have taken further steps than 1-4, maybe scaled to your organization or thought of a new product design, reach out to me and we can talk the option of you presenting the same to the group. It’s a golden opportunity to use the wisdom of the crowd.

Why: why not?! As I see it, there are two main reasons i) get a first-hand 3D printing experience and dare to experiment at low cost, and ii) force yourself to expand your network within 3D printing. This adds value and wisdom to the network we’ve already built up over the last couple of weeks.

-         The more ‘marine related’ the part, probably the higher added value to the process. But up to you!

-         If you want to create a design from scratch, Thürmer can be of help? Reach out to Erik and Ingeborg!

-         Plastic printing using FDM technology is simple, reliable and cheap – even for a mini replica of a metal part. We’re experimenting here so it’s OK! (most printers on 3Dhubs are FDMs)

-         Don’t be shy to see the printing process IRL, a cool experience. Maybe you even want to bring your local maker (or preferred nerd as I like to call them), to the workshop?

-         When thinking about your learnings try completing the following sentence “the problem I want to solve with 3D printing is….”. We’re not here to apply tech for the sake of tech. We want to solve real problems!

-         All of the above are recommendations – feel free to DareDisrupt!

Questions regarding the challenge:

On behalf of the organizers’, we really look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Also, presentations and other material will be placed in our dropbox folder.

Would you like to know more about this project, please drop by for more information. 


Behind this workshop and the project are Alfa Laval, CREATE, DNV GL, EMUC, J. Lauritzen and OSK Shiptech.

This workshop and the project 3D printing in the maritime industry is financed by the Danish Maritime Fund.