Fremtidens Maritime Håndværker

Or as we say in English "The Future Maritime Craftsman"!

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The aim of the project

The Future Maritime Craftsman is focusing on vocational educated in and for the Danish maritime industry. 40% of the employees in Blue Denmark have a vocational education which makes it a central point to focus on the current and future group of employees for this industry. 

A survey from 2013 made by MDC and Oxford Research showed that companies in Blue Denmark expect to see a large demand of qualified and skilled employees in the future. 

More specifically, the project will try to increase the demand of labour and the level of competencies in the maritime sector by focusing on three different areas:

  1. Creating more improved and targeted vocational educations for the Danish maritime industry by developing 60 new maritime courses of education.

  2. Attracting more students and talented students to take a maritime vocational education. The goal of the project is to get 300 more students to become maritime craftsmen.

  3. Establishing 360 extra apprenticeships with maritime companies.

Hereby the project wants to contribute to maintaining a strong and competitive maritime cluster in The Capital Region of Denmark. 

You can read more about The Future Maritime Craftsman here


The project has a comprehensive budget of DKK 18,7 millions. It is partly financed by The European Social Fund (50 %) and Growth Forum Capital Region (20 %). 

Partners of the project

MDC - Maritime Development Center (Lead partner)

Danske Maritime

TEC - Technical Education Copenhagen

NEXT - Københavns Tekniske Skole

KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi 

SIMAC - Svendborg International Maritime Academy

Wanna know more about the project?

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