Marine HR Forum

Development, recruitment, leadership, retention, motivation, compensation. Central to any workplace is the people. With MDC focusing on people/HR/human resources/employees, we bring up relevant topics for the modern maritime industry - ashore or onboard. Our industry is characterised by being truly international – exposed to global competition in a cyclical economy.

This brings along a series of challenges hugely relevant to our industry. Challenges which will be taken up by the HR group in order to make people and companies in the maritime industry more robust.

We are looking forward to presenting you with a long list of exciting speakers, valuable insight, and inspiration in order to make HR contribute to the bottom line.

In collaboration with the Steering Committee, MDC will arrange approx. 2-4 meetings per year, mainly conducted in English.

Topics of the 2019 season:

  • More Women at Sea Kick-off Workshop (16. januar)

  • Samarbejdet mellem sø og land (19. juni)

  • Den Lærende Organisation (3. september)

  • From operational focus to a maritime innovative project organisation

  • Ledelse og udvikling af medarbejdere (til søs?)     

Meet the Steering Committee