HSQE Forum

The objective of MDC treating 'HSQE Forum' topics is to connect the maritime cluster on issues relating to Health, Safety, Quality and Environment - making the base for a good working environment and high performance.

We ensure a cross-industry platform for debate, learning and knowledge sharing ensuring the latest topics, research and issues are disseminated in the industry. We arrange the activities across Denmark and at the same time focus on outreach to international experts and other maritime clusters.

At the HSQE Forum activities, we are always prioritizing time for networking.

We will put emphasis upon issues across the HSQE related topics focused on the overall safe performance of the vessel.

This includes topics related to:

  • work environment

  • legal and industry requirements

  • quality and safety management systems

  • human resources, leadership and performance management

  • safety culture - and culture in general

  • bridging sea and shore

  • physical and mental work environment

  • wellbeing

  • innovation

The events are mainly conducted in English.

Topics of the 2019 season:

  • Fra sømand til pølsemand - Undgå Hændelige Uheld med inspiration fra et Slagteri (9. maj - aflyst)

  • Maritime Fire Safety Technologies of the Future (22. May)

  • Projekt Skib: Samarbejdet kontor - skib (19. juni)

  • Den Lærende Organisation (3. september)

  • Hvordan får vi internt forbedret samarbejdet mod cybertruslen? (29. oktober. Samarbejde med Cyber ERFA Forum)

  • Mental health and wellbeing are on the agenda, but what can we do about it? (14. November)

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