Go LNG Denmark

Members of Go LNG Denmark

Go LNG Denmark is a network established to connect and promote sustainable growth in Danish companies offering and using LNG services, knowledge and technologies.

Together we will work to strengthen the development of LNG business opportunities in Denmark, in the Baltic Sea Region and in other international markets.

Go LNG Denmark will take it’s off-set in the maritime industry but we will equally be looking into the use of LNG in other modalities, industries and usages such as LNG for power supply, for cooling energy and as fuel for heavy road transportation.

Together we will explore innovations to open up new markets and adding on new end-users to the existing LNG infrastructure in Denmark and in the Baltic Sea Region.

Go LNG Denmark can offer its members:

  • A joint marketing platform

  • The possibility to expand your network

  • B2B meetings and joint business projects

  • New knowledge and competence development

The launching of Rederi AB Gotland's new LNG ferry in China on Monday the
24th of July. This is the 2nd LNG ferry that the Chinese yard, GSI, builds
for Rederi AB Gotland.

The GoLNG Steering Comittee sets the agenda for the Go LNG Network’s activities. 

Meet the steering committee