Maritime Cyber ERFA Forum


Maritime Cyber ERFA Forum is a personal network of IT responsible decision-makers at shipping companies. It is a forum where you can learn new about the maritime cyber challenges, where you have a unique network of like-minded professionals and can have discussions in confidence.

The Cyber ERFA Forum has the benefit of being somewhere where our experiences with cyber-attacks and how we handled and learned from the incident are openly discussed.  

However, the main focus of the Cyber ERFA Forum is to discuss what to do in order to have defense procedures in place (monitoring, password management, clear network structures, overview of gateways, overview of applied software and patches, update on cyber threats etc.), i.e. what to do before and after an attack (message paths, shut down of services, alternative routes, overview, management information, outward communication to customers and the public etc.).

Aside from the participation of shipping companies, class societies, insurance companies and authorities, relevant organizations such as BIMCO and Danish Shipping will also be among the members. There is a maximum of 25 members in the group. 

The members contribute with input to themes and content. Three to four meetings of approximately 3 hours will be held yearly. The dates will be planned on a yearly basis in December. The meetings will be held at the workplace of a member and will be conducted in English.

It is a condition of a membership of Maritime Cyber ERFA Forum that your participation is approved by the members and that your company is a member of MDC.

Please contact Henriette Dybkær for further information at +45 5353 6487.

Initial meeting was held at NORDEN in December 2018.

Initial meeting was held at NORDEN in December 2018.