Maritime Law Forum

The objective of MDC’s legal committee is to address legal issues of relevance to the Danish shipping industry in order for the industry participants to obtain knowledge enabling practical action regarding such issues. The legal committee will put emphasis upon legal issues with a real impact upon operations, financing, insurance and compliance.

We are looking forward to presenting you with a long list of exciting speakers, valuable insight and inspiration at approx. 4 meetings yearly, arranged in collaboration with the Steering Committee.

The meetings will mainly be conducted in English.

Topics of the 2019 season:

  • BREXIT - Business Unusual! (6. March)

  • Get into the business of booming China (19. September)

  • The future of Arbitration – challenge the traditions! (Autumn)

  • The future Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of outsourcing and financing in the maritime sector (Autumn)

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