MarTech LNG - Marine Competence, Technology and Knowledge Transfer for LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) in the South Baltic Sea Region

The project aimed at transferring tested and proven LNG knowledge and technology to be implemented in the South Baltic countries that were constructing LNG terminals from 2011-2014.

The problematic nature of the project initiative was based on the situation in 2010 indicating that the declared investments in Poland and Lithuania would not be a big benefit to the regional maritime industries due to a lack of technology and relevant competences within LNG terminal construction and operation. The worry was that the assignments and jobs in connection with the construction of the LNG terminals would instead be outsourced out of the countries of the South Baltic Region.

Thus part of the MarTech LNG project aim was to supply the local maritime industries with the LNG building and operational knowledge allowing them to benefit from the investments made and to support the development of new products and services in regards to LNG infrastructure. Furthermore the aim of the project was to visualize and connect the emerging Baltic supply chain for LNG by establishing cooperation between regional maritime industries and scientific institutions – locally, nationally and internationally. And finally the project aimed at supporting the cluster development in the BSR enabling the  Baltic maritime industry to respond to international tenders in the future.

Project duration: January 2012 – December 2014
Project budget: 1,360,447.67 EUR
Project partners:

  • PP1/Lead partner: Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (LT)
  • PP 2: Klaipeda State Seaport Authority (LT)
  • PP3: Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre (LT)
  • PP4: Wismar University of Applied Sciences (DE)
  • PP5: ATI erc gGmbH (DE)
  • PP6: Maritime University of Szczecin (PL)
  • PP7: Blekinge Institute of Technology (SE)
  • PP8: Maritime Development Center (DK)