Royal Arctic Line

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Royal Arctic Line is Greenland's principal shipping line. A fleet of modern cargo vessels operates a liner service between 13 ports in Greenland and foreign destinations. The company also provides a full range of forwarding and storage services and undertakes specialist transport and support assignments for official Greenland agencies and private-sector companies. Royal Arctic Line is owned by the Government of Greenland.

In the harsh conditions of the Arctic, special resources, experience and skills are necessary to operate shipping and forwarding services at the levels of efficiency and reliability expected by the world business community.

Royal Arctic Line's fleet of specially strengthened vessels and modern on-shore handling equipment are operated by employees who have the training, experience and the motivation to serve their international customers and the local Greenlandic communities. And we take pride in doing the best possible job.

A modern fleet

Royal Arctic Line's fleet of five modern cargo vessels, of which three have double hulls, have been built to withstand the harshest imaginable climatic conditions. They are equipped with state-of-the-art control and navigational instrumentation, as well as with on-board container-handling equipment that make them independent of on-shore handling facilities.

A full range of services

Royal Arctic Line's range of activities goes far beyond the provision of liner services. They also include:

  • Forwarding, distribution, and storage

  • Support for oil and minerals exploration

  • Logistics services for civil engineering projects

  • Ice surveillance

  • Historical and geological research

Efficiency in every task, large or small

One of Royal Arctic Line's important strengths lies in the fact that our customers range in size from the world's largest companies to individuals living in Greenland's small coastal communities. On one hand, this means that we must maintain levels of service and efficiency that satisfy the most rigorous international standards. On the other, we recognise the importance of the personal touch.

We have made a substantial investment in the handling and storage facilities at our on-shore sites which, as a result, are among the most up-to-date in the world. Our computerized management system ensures that every consignment is fully documented and monitored in detail from beginning to end

Jens Boye, Driftchef/Fleet Manager