Royal Greenland A/S


The Royal Greenland Trade Department had a state monopoly until 1950 and existed up to 1985, when it was converted to the export company Proeks (later Royal Greenland). Soon after, Royal Greenland was established as a trademark for Greenlandic articles of particular high quality. In 1979, the Greenland Home Rule Government took over the corporation and in 1990, it was formed as an independent limited company. Today, Royal Greenland is considered the economic flagship of Greenland.

For centuries, Royal Warrants have been granted to companies and individuals servicing and supplying the Royal Family and the Royal Household. In 1985, Royal Greenland was granted such a warrant and we are proud to be a steady supplier of quality seafood to the Royal Danish Court.

Royal Greenland aspires to meet the needs of the modern consumer. We do so by combining our unique history and our high standards of quality with the finest seafood from Greenland and around the world.

We offer a broad range of the finest seafood

With our broad product range, we offer a delivery of seafood and convenience products to both retail trade and the food service industry. We are the world’s largest supplier of cold water prawns and among the top ten seafood producers. Our wide assortment is continuously adapted to meet the needs of the market and our customers.

Delivery reliability and local presence

Quality, trustworthiness and delivery reliability are key concepts for Royal Greenland. We trust in local knowledge and we do our business with local presence and experience. That is why Royal Greenland has local sales offices in several European countries, as well as in Japan and China. We also have our own processing facilities in Greenland, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Canada.

Jens Bisgaard, Fleet Director