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SEA HEALTH & WELFARE was established in 1993 as a private non-profit independent institution under the name Danish Maritime Occupational Health Service. SEA HEALTH & WELFARE is a council for the shipping industry and works as an occupational health service for the entire Danish merchant fleet.

The Council deals with surveys, information and attitude processing campaigning and delivers professional consulting services to the profession with specific health counseling within the five broad areas:

  • Prevention of Accidents

  • Improving the physical work

  • Improving well-being on board

  • Health

  • Crisis Counselling

We offer:

  • Advice on strategic and practical level

  • Wide empirical experience and expertise in working at sea

  • Tools to work with health and safety at sea

  • Courses in handling some of the issues that we often meet – e.g. stress, conflict management, leadership, etc.

  • A large corps of professional consultants such as engineers, psychologists, physiotherapists and nutrition consultants.

Our users are ship owners, ship management, safety organizations on board and individual seafarers. Furthermore, we work closely with other maritime unions, organizations, educational institutions, research institutions, authorities, etc.


Vivek Menon, Head of Department - Occupational Health and Safety