Port of Thyborøn

Port of Thyborøn is known as one of Denmark’s biggest and most diversified fishing harbours.
In addition to our solid and very innovative fishing industry we are also experiencing continues growth within a number of different industries such as stones and gravel, raw materials for the chemical industry and bio waste for energy plants. We have specialized in servicing short sea carriers for whom flexibility, accuracy and the turnaround time for loading and unloading is important.
In 2013, our own fishing fleet and a number of foreign boats are resulting in a landing value of approximately 600 million kroner, and companies situated at the port who is working within and in conjunction to the fishing industry are expecting to contribute with a total turnover of close to 1 billion Danish kroner.
This makes Port of Thyborøn an important center for future growth and development in the north-western region of Jutland

Tine Jensen Le Breton, Salgs & Marketingchef