Fiskeriskolen EUC Nordvest

The Danish Fishing School is responsible for training and education of fishermen and employees of the coastal marine sector – eg employees at small ferries, pilots, emergency services, offshore wind parks etc.

The Danish fishing school in Thyborøn is the only one of its kind in Denmark

We also offer individually tailored skilled training as both a professional Fisherman, Fishmonger, Fish farming and Fishing tecnologists – a new bachelor education.

The school is located in Thyborøn, but we will hold training courses across the country, both from our training ships and from the premises, we rent for the purpose on location.

We offer both safety courses, training for commercial fishermen and a variety of training courses for employees and unemployed who seeks a skilled professional upgrade as a new and better platform to obtain employment.

The school has an annual capacity of teaching up to 800 students in various courses and professional training.

As the only fisheries school in Denmark we priorities to have high quality in our programs and teaching, and our programs are highly immediately applicable and transferable to the maritime trades.

We are also aware that the fishing industry is an international industry, so we have cooperation with other similar schools across Europe. This means that our teachers are up to date on international relations, but also that we can create contacts for students and trainees.

In Thyborøn, we have excellent training facilities, both in terms of theory classes, aswell as workshops.

Our training ship "Athene" can run courses in all fishing ports as requested, and is fort that equippet with the latest in educational materials.

The sea is a dangerous place of work. Consequently security is a higly prioritised agenda in the entire school. We ensure thorough instruction before practical exercises, our teaching environment is healthy and safe, and of course our alcohol and abuse policy supports and reflects this.

We are part of EUC Northwest - center for business and education - and as such we offers a variety of courses and programs related to the fishing trade aswell as the employees of the coastal marine sector in general. It can be management, finance, IT, language and practical education eg in transport, motor and hydraulics, safety at sea, life saving first aid at sea etc.

Søren Hyllen, Principal