FORCE Technology

Maritime industry
We provide advice and consulting services within the design of ships and harbours. We are experts in model testing ship construction and maritime installations and have, for example our own test tank and wind tunnel facilities where we can expose ship models to realistic wave, current and wind stress. Optimised design brings significant savings when it comes to the operation of ships and harbours.

Moreover, we offer supplementary training courses, which focus on, for example decision-making processes, communication and the relationship between man and machine. In the shipping industry itself, there is an increasing focus on the human factors and how these are most appropriately handled - we call this Human Factors Management.

Finally, we develop and market a number of maritime products for the shipping industry, for example simulators for officer training as well as onboard systems.

Examples of maritime services: 

  • Hydro and aerodynamic optimisation of the ship’s performance

  • Simulator systems (SimFlex)

  • Onboard systems (hard weather sailing, route planning, etc.)

  • Harbour layout

  • Human Factors Management (HFM)

FORCE Technology is one of the leading technological consulting and service companies in Denmark and on the international market. Our work is focused on transforming highly specialised engineering knowledge into practical and cost-efficient solutions for a broad section of businesses and industries. These are solutions which strengthen the customer’s competitiveness and are built on an understanding of the customer and industry, which we have acquired over more than 65 years. Our workforce numbers almost 1,000 employees, spread between the headquarters in Brondby and subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Russia and the USA.

Peter K. SørensenVice President, Business Unit Executive