FMS - Fredericia College of Marine and Technical Engineering


Fredericia College of Marine and Technical Engineering (on a daily basis referred to as FMS) has two campuses in Southern Denmark, one in Fredericia and one in Esbjerg

Fredericia is part of the so-called Triangle Region in the heart of Denmark, which is an area defined by industry and growth. Furthermore, the Port of Fredericia is a dynamic shipping hub with a large container terminal.

Esbjerg is known for its vibrant oil and gas industry and the ever-expanding offshore industry. Denmark’s most significant players on the global energy market are based in Esbjerg. Furthermore, the Port of Esbjerg is the leading port in Europe when it comes to shipping wind turbines.

At FMS we offer the three-year Bachelor’s degree in Technology Management and Marine Engineering within which our students are able to choose between three electives:

  • A maritime elective preparing the graduate for work in the machine room of a vessel.

  • Optimisation of Energy and Maintenance, an elective for those who desire a career as a technical manager in e.g. a utility company or a production company.

  • The elective Energy at Sea for those who have a particular interest in the offshore industry.

All students are educated within subjects such as management and economy, thermal machines, boilers and turbines, pumps, cooling technology, hydraulics, automation and electrical engineering, the latter including the authorization as electrical contractor. FMS graduates are thus able to perform a wide variety of tasks and as such, they find employment in an equally wide variety of industries.

We are pleased to say that even though FMS has grown into a school of a considerable size, we still manage to maintain an intimate study environment. Our values are vital. They are: Competence, innovation, closeness and commitment.

Torben Dahl, Principal