Hauschildt Marine A/S

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Hauschildt Marine A/S was founded in 1995 to provide Naval Archtect consulting services for Ship Yards and Ship Owners. The work ranges from small convertions exercises to total design and engineering packaged.
During the last few Years Hauschildt Marine have been more and more involved in the Offshore Oile & Gas Field.

Ship Projecting Newbuilding and rebuilding projects, specifications

Strength/construction solutions FEM analyses, vibration measurements and analyses, classification drawings, production drawings, materials: metals, composites

Drawing jobs Updating of existing drawings, transfer of manual drawings to CAD

Ship technical calculations Stability, hydrostatics, inclining tests, load line calculations/optimizing, speed and horse power, lines

Machinery Projecting of engine plant, arrangements, piping systems

Inspection Insurance inspection, repairs, newbuildings, thickness measurements, CSS manuals, noise measurements and analy

Peter Rytter Hauschildt, Founder