Kockumation A/S


 Marine Alignment A/S is a Danish company specializing in software programs to be used primarily on board ocean going vessels. From the first release of Easeacon in 1987, we have continued to develop our product and can count more than 1,100 installations today. Our brand – Easeacon – is approved by all the major Classification Societies and has proven to be a reliable tool for contemporary efficient ships operation.

Our strengths are our high-quality products, flexibility, quick feed-back time and our great expertise within our line of business.

The Easeacon product provides you with a sophisticated and high-quality planning tool for a single vessel or full fleet.

Easeacon interfaces tank level gauging systems, draught measuring systems and communication systems, expanding the concept of the standard loading computer.

It is our mission 

  • to supply our customers with a reliable and top quality product

  • to provide accurate and adequate support whenever needed

  • to reflect market requirements for customised and standard software solutions

  • to keep Easeacon at the cutting edge of maritime software

Continuous development and upgrading makes sure that with Easeacon you always have a market leader onboard.

Henrik Monberg Carlsen, Managing Director