LETH Agencies


Our activities in the Suez Canal and Egyptian ports started in 1924 by supplying steam coal in Port Said. As the shipping industry and the number of transits increased the canal transit clearance service was added.

The company is a specialized transit agency offering swift and secure services in the Suez and Panama Canals as well as in the Turkish and Danish Straits. Additionally, our services also comprise port calls and husbandry services in South Africa and Singapore. Leth Agencies is owned by its Managing Director and Chairman.

Our services are provided by our offices in Oslo (head office), Copenhagen and Singapore. In Egypt our operation is run by offices in Port Said, Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.

Our Egyptian joint venture, Leth Egypt Agencies (LEA) in Port Said, is in addition to the transit services also providing agency services to clients requesting security teams and equipment onboard the vessels. We are the market leader within security team operations in Egypt presently servicing more than 60 security teams companies.


Jacob Guldager, Branch Manager and Director Operations